Andy Dick, Surreal Life Security, greets the cast and conducts a security check on each person before allowing them entrance into the house. Andy breaks from the pressure and quits before the last cast member is revealed. Six cast members have arrived and wonder who number seven will be. The Surreal Times reveals that Jose Canseco will be the 7th cast member and has a long wrap sheet including domestic violence and aggravated assault charges. Upon arrival into the house, Jose is greeted by side glances and a slew of questions from Omarosa. After the interrogation Pepa cooks a Jamaican dinner so the cast can eat together and bond, but Janice doesn't let anyone else talk. The cast begins to get annoyed with her behavior, except for Bronson who gets a little turned on. After dinner the cast gathers in the kitchen where Bronson showers Janice with affection, but Janice doesn't appreciate being groped and threatens to quit if Bronson touches her again. She storms off, but Pepa convinces her to rejoin the rest of the cast because she is the "star."