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Thread: The Surreal Life 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wisconsinswede
    If you havent watched the video clip of this season, please do so!

    I am very excited for tonights premiere
    I just finished watching the videos. Wow I thought Janice would be much more in control than she was. Its like watching a lose cannon. Is she doing it on purpose?

    Now Bronson does have lose hands and needs to watch it.

    Poor Lucky stuck in a house with all the weirdos. Last shot of Lucky peeing on the wall, what a hoot.

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    I sat at the edge of my seat throughout the first episode of this show(available for viewing on VH1) and was very dissapointed. It's BORING! Even the previews for the rest of the season didnt catch my attention. This WAS my favorite show of all time. ::shakes head:: it's lost it's fire...

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