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Thread: 3/6 show discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by undertakeress
    The thing is, I Don't think that Sean is as bad of a guy as the show made him out to be.
    I wouldn't trust that Sean guy any further than I could throw him! The guy is an abusive S.O.B.


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    You know the whole Sean vs Chyna thing really reminded me of my college days.

    A couple gets in a fight, people who are friends with one side insist the other person is an idiot. Lots of name calling and if the people are drunk enough a fight breaks out.

    There is a reason why cops hate domestic disputes. I really love how people are picking side baised on a few minutes of EDITED footage.

    Oh and da'brat, when you grab those two champagne bottles, thats called assault (battery is when you actuall use them) and you should have had your ass thrown in jail.

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