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Thread: This is it?

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    This is it?

    this is all there is to this show, what a way to leave it. where was the show with them making a film. you see it in the opening but this just ends like in mid-stream. they have totally screwed this show over this time. get the rest of the episodes out and show them. whats the deal with vh1?

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    Don't worry, Joeguy. A new episode comes on next Sunday (Mar. 6) . . . it probably just wasn't shown this Sunday because of the Oscars.

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    thanks manny, man they are dragging this out more than a presidential election night.

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    and again it is not on.

    instead they have a "fit club" marathon? it makes me not want to watch vh1 ever again out of spite.

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    From tvtome
    Season 4
    27. 4-1 SL401 09-Jan-2005 The Surreal Seven (a.k.a. It's In My Contract!)
    28. 4-2 SL402 16-Jan-2005 The Kids are All Wrong
    29. 4-3 SL403 23-Jan-2005 Horses, Dwarves & Bears, Oh My!
    30. 4-4 SL404 30-Jan-2005 Three Crushes
    31. 4-5 SL405 13-Feb-2005 Celebrity Pitch Fest
    32. 4-6 SL406 20-Feb-2005 I'm With Cupid
    33. 4-7 SL407 06-Mar-2005 Seven Celebrities of Death (1)
    34. 4-8 SL408 13-Mar-2005 Seven Celebrities of Death (2)
    35. 4-9 SL409 20-Mar-2005 Dirty Laundry
    36. 4-10 SL410 27-Mar-2005 Get Out!!

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    VH1 is really trying to squeeze as much life as they can out of this show. Unfortunately, they are making a lot of us fans upset.

    Also, don't expect to see an episode next weekend either. When I checked the VH1 website it said that the first showing of the next episode would be March 27th at 9:00PM.


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    I'm getting fed up with it too. I tuned in this past Sunday and watched the fit club thinking the show would be on after it. What a waste of time and what a stupid show the fit club is.

    I'm losing interest pretty fast with this show. At this point I don't even know if i will bother watching the rest of it. Screw VH1. When ratings bottom out, the execs shouldn't be wondering why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    .When I checked the VH1 website it said that the first showing of the next episode would be March 27th at 9:00PM.
    At least that's a relief. Since there were no new episodes scheduled on my Tivo for the next couple of weeks, I was afraid they just dropped it midstream. They weren't showing any new eps of Strange Love either. Maybe they're waiting for sweeps month to air the finales of both shows??

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    yeah, i find it SO freakin' annoying. i held off on recapping the pt 1 of the kung fu one b/c 20 minutes of chyna doll crying and being consoled didn't seem to justify a recap. so i figured i'd wait the ONE week for pt 2 and would recap them together... now there's a 3 week gap between pt. 1 and pt 2? i might never watch this show again.... :rolleyes

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    March 15th to the 27th.. 12 days.

    day 12: Oh, can't wait to see the next episode
    day 11: Hmm.. it'll be cute to see them all act.
    day 10: Wonder how Chyna is doing?
    day 09: What was that has-been rapper's name again?
    day 08: Oh yea..Duh Brat.
    day 07: Is this show on VH1 or MTV? When is it going to be on?
    day 06: Oh yea..VH1. When is it going to show?
    day 05: OOOhhhh..so many fun reality shows are on!! Yayyyy!
    day 04: Hopefully I'll be able to catch the new episode..when is it?
    day 03: Bet Chyna is still crying.
    day 02: What is this show called again? Is it on MTV?
    day 01: Pffftt.. who cares about that show about washed up has-beens anymore.
    03-27th: EASTER! Like I'm going to even be interested in seeing the Surreal Life.

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