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Thread: 2-20 show discussion (spoilers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    When did they start that? I always thought it was Sunday nights.
    I am not really sure, but I have watched every episode this season on Sunday morning. I know they always advertise the new show as being on Sunday night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnyone
    This show is getting really uncomfortable for me to watch. That set up in Jane's room - I was just cringing at the whole thing. Does Jane really have a dominatrix fetish or was she just going along for the show?
    And Adrienne- how many times do we have to hear how jealous she is?
    And Brat's date! Dude, quit drinking if you can't pace yourself! Who were these people and where did they come from
    Hated. the . episode. period.
    Sunnyone, I am with you. This was the worse episode in a series that is becoming more and more annoying to watch. I'm liking the characters less each time I see them. I only watch a total of three television shows a week as it is. maybe it should whittle down to two.

    Do I care about any of these people? Hmmm.... NO! Are they at least entertaining? Nope. Not much anymore. Adrienne is enough to get me to turn off all by herself. Her little act has become tiresome.

    BTW, I think Jane is for real with the dominatrix gig. I guess there isn't else much to do when you live in Panama with monkeys.

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    Remember it's only half an hour

    These people are together 24/7 for two weeks, but we're only seeing a half an hour here, and an half-hour there--there is an amazing amount of editing going into these short shows. For instance, they may have long, deep conversations about politics, religion, drug use, philosophy--and stuck in a house with no TV or books or computers, I would say it's very likely. But that's not good television. The producers and editors are using the good-tv and plot-furthering parts of the days to make up the show. We're seeing 20 minutes (sans commercials) of all those long hours spent together--it's fairly easy to portray Chris as saintly if we don't see his conversations about his previous wives or his hangups. Easy to see Adrianne as obsessed if we don't see hours of conversation about other topics.

    It does make me wonder about Chyna and Marcus. Of course we're seeing her most over-the-top behavior, but does she have a lot of quiet, lucid moments as well? I'd be curious about that. And Marcus, man, if we only see his most telegenic moments, then he must spend most of his days cowering in a closet, not speaking or moving! Hard to imagine that this is as intense and over-the-top as he gets!

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    When did they start that? I always thought it was Sunday nights.

    I noticed that in Surreal Life 3... and it's continued for every episode this season.

    Surreal Life comes on at 11:00, Strange Love comes on at 11:30, and Celebrity Fit comes on at 12:00.

    It's strange that they always advertise them premiering in the evening.

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