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Thread: 2/13 - Show Discussion - spoilers

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    2/13 - Show Discussion - spoilers

    Quess noone is watching 2 nite. One Sunday of the Super Bowl and people forget other shows are on.

    I feel sorry for Adrianne and I hope someone will talk to her about it's ok to feel hurt, you're what 19, 20 yrs old stuff happens to all of us, (regardless of age). Please, Please do not drown the feelings in alcohol. Chris is right you are modeling your self after Joannie and I think she is permanently brain damaged from all the drugs and drinking she has done. I hope that after this show when Adrianne watches it as we viewers do it will be a wake up call.

    PS. Adrianne you have one hot bod.

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    I'm watching, but everyone else is probably ahead of me in time zones.

    So anyways.. what is up with that exercise outfit Peter Brady had on? That is not hot.

    Does anybody watch this show?
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    Chyna gets drunk AGAIN..Imagine that! (and I thought I partied to much) And wasnt Chris harsh to Adrianne?? I think she is going to have a breakdown before too long...And is Da Brat really getting her on show?? I missed most of that part becouse of a phone call...Peace out...R.

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    Just watched the Show . . . .

    It almost made me cry . . .
    (WHY IS THE SHOW ONLY A HALF HOUR LONG!) <~ It drives me crazy!

    I really really love Adrianne, and it hurts to see her so sad . . . But dude maybe the Brady isn't right for you!

    For the Pitching of the ideas . . . .

    Jane . . . No way do i want to see you run around with a bunch of monkeys!

    Chris . . . You can change up a bit, and i think maybe he would have a good idea!

    Bart . . . Brutley Honest . . . . Did it really take you that long to think about that picth . . . I bet you sat down for 10 min's and came up with it . . .

    Marcus & Vern . . . . I don't even have a comment for them . . .

    Chynia & Missy . . . . Yeah your pitch is called . . . . BOILING POINTS!

    Adrianne . . . YOUR ONLY 22! . . . GO HAVE SOME FUN WITH YOUR LIFE!

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    I really liked Chris....but I think comparing a young smart woman..proud of kicking her habit...of being like Chyna...was WRONG. Adrianne is NOTHING like Chyna. What 22 year old doesnt drink? And who the hell wouldnt drink if the man they loved was a jerk to them? I thought it was sad...and you could tell he really, really hurt her feelings...I wouldnt even like him anymore. He was on the view basically saying he knew he'd hook up with her afterwards...but was scared of what people would think...so acted this way...yet he accuses her of an agenda???

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    Nah..I see no validity to the comparison of her and Chyna. None at all, she was just drinking with her and acting out cuz she was pissed.

    All of thier ideas were really stupid. I was trying to think up an idea of my own, and I couldn't think of anything.

    This episode was a sleeper.
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    I just saw this trainwreck (:rolleyes), and what a brat Adrianne turned up to be. She needs to grow up. She's an immature little girl who threw a tantrum when Chris didn't fall for her high school crush act. It was like watching something right out of high school or elementary, is probably more.

    Sure, she just got out of high school, but did she really think Chris would take her seriously? There is still hope for her, though. Not so much for the other freaks (Chyna and her steroid girl friend). Hopefully, Adrianne has grown up a bit, after seeing what a fool she's made of herself on TV.

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    Adrienne is incredibly annoying and self-absorbed.

    She is in self-destruct mode because the "man she loves" is rejecting her? Man she loves? She's known him for what? 72 hours?

    I agree with Chris, she is emulating Chyna, which only reinforces how immature she is. I'm sorry to learn that he eventually started dating her - he seems to be pretty level-headed.

    Ugh, Adrienne. Mushy-mouthed, attention-seeking, immature and insecure Adrienne. Ugh ugh ugh.

    And someone, please get that bandana off her head.

    Did I mention ugh?

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    Mink Mink


    Self destructs her body three hours a day by working out, eating correctly, and having feelings for a older muture guy? She is looking at the substance of the man beyond the body. What an immature thing for a woman to do.

    As for the Booze it doesn't take much for a well tuned body to feel tipsy.
    Remember, What you were doing at 22? I am sure most of us were just acting foolish without payment, free booze, or living in such a setting with people like them. Some payed to act like immature adults, go to college for a higher education, and party like no ones business, BOOZE, SEX, and Rock and Roll. Or for others maybe married,working full time with kids, and doing the domestic grown up thing to do. Yes! some of us actually played and lived in a house with commitment.

    As for Mr Knight and Adrianne, either he has some issues with wanting a younger woman or she is more mature woman than we know inside and out.

    Think about it? He is not a young man. Body may be hot, but at 47 it isn't what it used to be... He has his limitations too!
    Unless he is on the BOB DOYLE DIET! Or other enhancing drugs.
    As for Adrianne at 22 she has not yet hit her prime sexually or in maturity.

    Maybe this Show was her SPRING BREAK.

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    Poor lil thang...well, poor very tall thang

    Heck, even I felt sorry for her! I know they end up together and (knock wood) are doing well, but she was hurting and I know how it feels to hurt over a boy!

    They're together 24/7, so that's a LOT of contact (it would take a lot of 2 or 4 hour dates to make up the amount of time they've spent together so far), it's not surprising that emotional attachments come about quickly.

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