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Thread: Adrianne comments on cast

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    Adrianne comments on cast

    This interview is on EW.com...has great pictures of the cast...and Adrianne gives the scoop on them!
    Adriannes thoughts on the cast

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    Thanks so much for the link!

    Here is what Adrianne said:

    About Da Brat: ''Brat's from my town [Joliet, Ill.], so we felt a little J-town connection from the beginning. It's not the nicest of towns. I'm glad I wasn't in her firing scope, if you know what I'm saying.''

    About Christopher Knight: ''Christopher is sooo cute. I have a huge, huge crush on him and he's one year older than my mother. The second he took off his shirt, he gave Marcus competition.''

    About Jane Wiedlim: ''Her age didn't even hit me until after the first week. She looks damn good for her age. I said we were separated at birth. She said, 'Only I was born in the 1800s.'''

    About Marcus: ''Yum! But nothing happened between he and I. We're like brother and sister, besides the occasional leg humping he would give me here and there. [The women] liked to observe him on the treadmill. We'd eat popcorn and watch him while we drank.''

    About Chyna: ''I actually was a little intimidated when I saw her, 'cause I was like, 'Here we go, some chick that's going to kick my a-- if I don't give her her way,' but she's actually a little pussycat.''

    About Verne: ''Verne wasn't always a team player, but he's the biggest pervert, so I was the one that had to take one for the team and coax him out of his room with a little bit of cleavage or a flash of some leg and be like, 'Come on, Verne.'''

    About Herself: ''I question my sanity at times. I don't think anybody there was sane in any sense of the word. We all said we left with our one last shred of dignity.''

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    like brother and sister, besides the occasional leg humping he would give me here and there.
    lmao, that just cracked me up

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