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Thread: Surreal Life's Very Brady Romance

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    Surreal Life's Very Brady Romance

    by Danny Spiegel
    The Surreal Life

    Imagine for a moment that you're a producer on the latest season of VH1's The Surreal Life (Sundays at 9 pm). On the weirdest day ever, you'd still never say, "OK, first, let's hope Verne Troyer (aka Austin Powers' Mini-Me) gets drunk, strips his clothes off and urinates in a hallway. And then this is the best part before the season ends, let's hook up Adrianne Curry, the first winner of America's Next Top Model, with Chris Knight, that guy who played Peter on The Brady Bunch. That'll be awesome!" Sounds crazy, but that's exactly what happened. Two months after filming wrapped, Knight, 47, told TV Guide Online all about it. Considering that our phone call includes a surprise guest appearance by his new girlfriend, Ms. Curry, it's safe to say life is sweet for the former Brady Buncher.

    TV Guide Online: What was the highlight of the Surreal experience?
    Knight: The highlight of it for me was Adrianne and the whole romance that falls out from this whole thing. I was not taking her seriously for the first week, so this should be really interesting how this plays out [on the air]. By the way, as I speak with you, she's sitting across from me! [Laughs] And it's really sort of a lark, an example of what can happen in these environments. It was a pleasing outcome. She's got a huge heart and an old soul and she's a ton of fun. I really wanted to get to know her outside of the craziness that was The Surreal Life.

    TVGO: When did you feel you two had really connected?
    Knight: In the show, not only do you play with each other, but every day, you have interviews separate from everyone else. There's a [producer] there asking you questions, and what kept coming up was this Adrianne stuff. I thought she was playing a game and I didn't want to be played I even accuse her of having an agenda on upcoming episodes. But at a certain point I thought, "What's to lose? If she's playing me, let's have fun playing."

    TVGO: Had you seen America's Next Top Model?
    Knight: No, I had not. Frankly, the biggest fear I had going into the house was that I wasn't going to know [who] anyone [was]. You don't see it on screen, but I didn't even know who Kathy Griffin was!

    TVGO: Can you put Adrianne on the phone for a minute?
    Knight: Absolutely. Here she is.
    Adrianne Curry: Hello?

    TVGO: Hi, Adrianne. Back when you used to watch The Brady Bunch, if someone had said you'd be dating Peter one day, what would you have said?
    Curry: I would have said, "No, I'm sorry. Never in my life would I be dating a man that's only one year older than my mother and a couple years younger than my father."

    TVGO: Were you more than friends before the Surreal taping ended?
    Curry: Well, nothing from the neck down, I'll put it that way. I'll tell you one thing; once it was hitting the end and he started being responsive, it was really, really hard to wait. But I changed my flights immediately after the show, got a hotel room, um... and we spent three days with each other right after the show, which was great. And there was no cameras there, baby, that's all I gotta say!

    TVGO: How are things going now?
    Knight: It's going fabulously. I absolutely am enthralled by her and tremendously enjoy her company. It's going well, very well.

    TVGO: You're about 25 years older than Adrianne, Chris. Do you feel the age difference at times?
    Knight: Yeah. But I've learned a great deal about that perception. I mean, I think I say it in the final [episode]; what I was doing was blaming [Adrianne] about things she couldn't possibly know. But the fact is that she has a whole [enthusiasm for] life that a lot of people my age don't have anymore [and] a perspective that's refreshing.

    For more juicy Surreal Life scoop from Chris Knight, come back and read next Tuesday's Insider!


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    I can feel their chemistry more than I have for any of the Bachelors/ettes.
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    they seem very much in love..He says the most wonderful things about her..maybe I'll forgive peter for stealing my woman...just maybe

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