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Thread: 1/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Did I say Greg Brady ( dork!), I meant the oh-so-hot Peter Brady. Turns out he's just the right age.
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    Chyna is gross she = Nicole Bass (of Howard Stern fame )

    Brat is there to play her part, let the show progress she may end up being a favorite... btw she was a platinum rapper back in the early 90's under jermaine dupri, she is also lisa raye's lil sis

    VT make me laugh, he's almost like a cartoon character

    Adrienna is cute and provides the necessary surreal life nakedness...the buffet was a nice touch

    the male model is useless...

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    hope it stays funny

    last nights surreal life 4 had me rolling!!!! it was so darn funny. verne is sick! but it was funny watching him being carried in like a baby and put to bed. i'm with da brat, she's like what's up with these folks.

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    THe world of hip/hop and rap has a pretty short memory. Despite how popular Da Brat was 10 years ago, she needs to just accept the fact that she's on the show because she is either a has been or pretty darn close to being one. I have a couple of Brat albums, but I bought them like 7 years ago. her new stuff sounds like her old stuff. I haven't heard a recent song of hers on the radio in AGES.

    In an case, I fell off the couch when she said her friends told her the show was only for has beens and she didn't believe them. Who the heck goes on a show without watching an episode or two before hand?

    (did someone up there just say that she is LisaRay's little sister? wow...Lisa ray is way, WAY more attractive)

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    I was really worried after they announced the cast for this season that this was going to be a unexciting season, but after the season premier I was very wrong. This was a hilarious episode, when Vern peed in the corner of the house I new this season had redeemed the Surreal Life in my head.
    I agree Maveno, when Chyna moved into that room she was like a giant in a regular persons house. She had to of known something was up when she was shoving her clothes in the small closet.

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    I was completely floored on how good this show was.

    My favorite moment was when Jane said to Chynna "Did you want your nipple to be hanging out?"


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    i saw part of it, i thought it was pretty funny

    all i know about da brat is, she did that song with mariah carey lol

    i liked the "she lives her life naked" part, hilarious

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    This is one of the funniest damn shows I've seen in a long time. I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Next week's show looks promising. At the kid who bounces the ball on Verne's head.
    Ludicrous speed!

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    char, just to be clear, the preview was for the entire season... the kids may or may not be on next week
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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    char, just to be clear, the preview was for the entire season... the kids may or may not be on next week

    cali, I could have sworn they said that the babysitting job was next weeks episode. Well, whenever it airs, it is going to be hilarious
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