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Thread: 1/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I agree about Kathy Griffin, too bad she's not signed up.

    I caught this late last night in one of the many repeated airings. Maybe it was the late hour but I was dying. When VT pulled over to that corner, I was thinking, "he's not gonna...he's not...OMG HE DID!"

    If I were in that house, I would swear off alcohol after that first night. You need to keep your wits about you on this show.

    And wow, Christopher Knight was enchanting. I can see now why AC fell/falls for him.
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    I am SOOO excited about this season of Surreal Life I've got goosebumps! What an amazing cast! I'm totally crushin' big-time on Christopher Knight! He's gorgeous! What a body! He seems like such a sweet man.

    I think Adrianne is adorable and I'm so happy to hear that her speech has improved so much. She's a cool chick who'd be really fun to hang with. So is Jane. What a doll! There's a lot of chemistry in the house.

    Da Brat ... well, she certainly lives up to the name, doesn't she? What a Da Beeotch! Can't stand her and wish she'd just leave. She's flappin' her gums about everybody being has-beens, and most of us have never even heard of her. She thinks quite a lot of herself, doesn't she?

    Verne is cute, but kinda sad. The drinking is over the top and scary. Hope he's not intoxicated the entire show. My cat was freaking out when he was screeching in bed!

    Marcus is cute, but hasn't really shown much of himself yet. Hopefully we'll learn more about him.

    Chyna .... ewwww! Just ewww! Is she trying to be Brigette or what? Walking around in a bikini with her disgusting nipples sticking out. Smoking and drinking like a sailor, struttin' through the house like she's some uber star. She's just plain scary. I couldn't believe she took Verne's room and then argued about giving it back. How could she not understand his need for a specially-equipped bedroom? What an idiot! So glad Christopher stepped in and convinced her. It shouldn't have even been an issue. That woman is gross and has a real crappy personality. I'd like the show a lot more if Chyna and Da Brat weren't on it, but oh well ... we'll just bring on the snark and vent our hate here, right?

    LOVE Kathy Griffin and I hope she'll make a few more appearances on the show!

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    Chyna was an idiot for taking that room..but, quite honestly..it cracked me up hard!! She's sitting in the teeny chair, bellied up to the teeny bar, drinking the teeny bottles of liquor!! THEN, she even hung her clothes in the teeny closet!! She was an amazon woman in that room!!
    I was roaring at how absurd she was being!! Classic! Then, Vern gets all bitchy.. the whole thing was great!

    Watching Chris Knight carry Lil Me was pitiful AND funny! Then Marcus was putzing up to the house on the scooter..

    Best season yet and I've only seen one episode! I'm excited about this one..
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    Miss Curry ---Well, I didn't watch ANTM so I didn't recognize her at all

    Chyna ---seriously, if you can't walk in 7 inch heels, don't wear them. I think she could be much prettier, and "Girlier" if she dressed appropriately

    Go-Go Chick --- I don't know about yet seems ok I guess, but even though I'm no prude, I just have to wonder about people who will get naked on TV like that.

    Peter Brady ---was awesome.

    Da Brat I don't seem to dislike her as much as most of the folks who have already posted. I do think it's funny that her friends told her not to do the show, but she was SURE that it was going to be full of big name artists/celebs. Ummm... Do research next time honey, we're in season 4.

    The Model dude... No comment at all yet. Seems OK.

    Verne ---- The man has issues. It was noted somewhere here that he went into detox for his alcohol problem at some point. Maybe watching himself will make him realize he needs to go back. I mean seriously would you invite the guy to a party knowing he may pee in your living room? I will admit to laughing my butt off though
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    Wow, I thought no way could they top last season. Brig and Flav had me lmao every Sunday. This season has to be the funniest. Unlike most people, I've heard of Da Brat, she's fellow Chicagoan. I don't think she's watched to show before, if she had, she would know that the Surreal life is about has-beens. However, I didn't find her that disturbing, she didn't irk me at all. Chyna's voice irks me, but she's funny. I get the feeling that she feels she has to prove that she's a girly girl because she was a rassler (sic). Never heard of the Go-Go's, and hadn't heard of either of the models. I have heard of Chris, and he's a hunk. He was always my fav Brady. I find it sad that he doesn't get any moola from the Brady Bunch being in syndication. Loved the show, and can't wait til next Sunday.
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    Im suprised that so many people have never heard of Da Brat. She is a has been now but when she came out, she was really popular although that was about 10 years ago and I was in the 8th grade at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ownlyanangel20
    Season 3 seemed over the top...with the obnoxious duo of loud mouth Flav and disgusting Brigette. Jordan was a putz. Dave was alright, but he was too laid back for this show, he seemed like he was running on neutral. Like he was constantly tired. Ryan was great, I never was a fan of her before, but I didn't dislike her on the show. She showed who she was and yes she was immature, but she was a girl in her early 20s. Oh and i almost forgot Charo....well she was funny, but you couldn't understand her. But gotta love Charo...and the little puppy, he was adorable.
    I agree with everything you said ... especially about the dog.

    This season so far:

    * Chyna -- scary
    * Verne -- scary and creepy
    * DaBrat -- who?
    * That model guy -- zzzzzzz
    * Jane -- has the potential to annoy
    * Adrienne Curry -- she'll be fun
    * Greg Brady -- I don't care if he is younger than me I'd totally do him.
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    I LOVED the start to this season! and I was really with sher in her thoughts....
    i thought this would be a lousy season since i'm not terribly fond of the cast, but i seriously was laughing so hard at verne peeing off the side of his scooter that i had tears in my eyes.
    I was looking forward to watching Jane since I grew up with the GoGo's and I've always found Chyna to be, ummmm, interesting. I liked her when she was wrestling and then more recently hearing her on Howard Stern I knew she was gonna be a trip to watch on the show so I was looking forward to that.

    And Vern with the entire drunken scooter night had me in tears as well, that was too freakin much! Never, ever did I expect that! So much for the anger from earlier that day huh?

    I find it kind of interesting to hear everybody comment on Christopher Knight and how great he looks. He really does look FABULOUS! I do remember just about a year ago though that he participated in the Discovery Health Celebrity Body Challenge, where the transformation began. Honestly when he started that show he didn't catch my eye at all, just another grown up child star who didn't stand out in the least.....by the end of the show he looked great...and now...holy cow! He really has done well from the kickstart to rebuilding his body that the Body Challenge gave him! When he came out in his jammie pants I was in total shock at how far he'd come just in the past year.

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    The cast


    I didn't know what to expect from this cast but after seeing the show last night, I think it will be a really funny and interesting group of characters.

    Here are my thoughts on each of the characters so far:

    Chyna Doll - This girl is friggin' crazy! She looks real mean and tough but I think she is pretty vulnerable beneath the tough exterior. After all, she did give in to Verne's request for the room AND to take her crap out of it. I think she has some drug abuse issues. I feel sorry for her but I do like her.

    Chris - He is cool! I was suprised to like him as much as I do, but he seems nice, friendly and down to earth. He is definitely the older "father" figure of bunch. Apparently he is 47 but looks a few years younger. He is in amazing physical shape for his age. So far, I like him very much.

    Adrianne - The girl is hot! I love naked women and I think we will see a lot more of her body. She is a good sport and has a good sense of humor. The dinner "on" Adrianne bit was funny and she was a real trooper for letting the cast eat off her naked body. She was cool to go skinny dipping with Jane. I like Adrianne very much also.

    Jane- Pixie! Pixie! Pixie! I couldn't believe Jane actually got naked and went skinny dipping with Adrianne. Cool! She is a petite and fun. She seems nice and friendly. I like her too.

    Marcus - He is a good looking guy but so far this he seems very bland. There is nothing particularly interesting about him. Maybe he has the looks, but he does not have the personality. Chris runs circles around Marcus with regard to personality. Anyway, it is still early maybe we will see more to him. He is OK, I don't dislike or like him.

    Verne- Where do I begin? This little man is a little FREAK! and a PERV to boot! I couldn't believe how excited he was when he saw Adrianne naked. And he even had the gall to feel her nipple. This little perv is funny but he has a serious drinking problem. I can't believe they showed him naked, wasted and peeing on the carpet. It was sad (and hilarious). And the moaning scene was kinda freaky, weird, sad (and hilarious). I'm not sure if I like him yet but I think he is going to make the show funnier than hell.

    DaBrat- She is somewhat anti-social but makes for a good character in that she is the outsider on the inside looking in. She is kinda mean and nasty. I don't think I'm going to like her very much.

    I wonder how much of the show is scripted if any? It just seems too damn funny not to be.

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    Just got a chance to see the episode now, and wow. Craziest 40 minutes of reality TV I've ever seen.

    Adrianne looked so good and I agree that her speech has gotten a lot better since ANTM. It's cool to see her again, and not in a competition setting like she was in ANTM.

    Verne.. . Oh man. He is quite the character. He obviously can't handle alcohol very well which I'm sure is due to his size, but is it wrong of me to hope that he continues to drink? It's just way too funny. Da Brat catching him peeing in the corner while on his scooter.. That scooter is awesome.

    Chyna Doll is entertaining so far and seems more pleasent than I thought she would be. I figured she'd be bitter and mean but she seems to be the opposite.

    Da Brat is the one who seems the most bitter, probably because she realizes the show isn't for A-list celebrities, etc. which is why she was cast for it in the first place. She's so against being with people who are "washed up" and I bet it's because she fears that she is too. She's probably just trying to make herself feel better by accusing others of what she actually is but is too afraid to admit.

    The others all seem pretty normal as of right now, especially Chris. He seems way too normal.

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