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Thread: Episode 1 *spoilers*

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    Episode 1 *spoilers*

    A checker cab driven by reality TV über-fan Kathy Griffin picks up each of the housemates and drops them off at the house. Chyna runs amok, stealing, moving things, thigh-mastering and generally causing chaos. Da Brat's afraid of being in the house with has-beens. Chris tries to maintain the peace when Verne tells Chyna that her private room is his ("It's in my contract"), and the others wonder what it is they've gotten themselves into. Once the room conflict's resolved, the cast gathers for "Dinner on Adrianne," which will forever change the way the cast feels about sushi, particularly Verne, who shows a big "perve" can be in a small package. Later, Jane and Adrianne go skinny dipping, while Verne drinks too much and passes out. Chris, the new father to this wacky quasi-family, carries Verne to bed, only to get a bizarre "nose-job" from the soused dwarf.

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    Ick. Some shows make me glad I don't have cable. Not even curiosity about Adrienne (ANTM 1) gives me the slightest desire to sneak a peek at this monstrosity at the gym. Some things just give me the willies.
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    Go to VH1 and click on Surreal life to see a pretty good sneak preview clip.


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