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Thread: The Cast: Verne Troyer

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    The Cast: Verne Troyer

    [IMG]images/img/VerneMiniMeSR4.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]images/img/caeVerne2.jpg[/IMG]

    Actor Verne Troyer (aka Mini-Me)
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    He will no doubt be mini-entertaining without someone clever like Mike Myers to play off of.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
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    He will act the the "stuck-up-actor."

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    Gotta give the guy credit, he has milked everything possible out of that Austin Powers gig.
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    The actor made famous for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers film series has announced he is to wed his girlfriend - who is six-foot, two-inches tall.

    Verne Troyer, standing two-foot, eight-inches in his socks, said he felt like a giant when 29-year-old yoga instructor Genevieve Gallen agreed to tie the knot.

    The ceremony is expected to take place in November.

    It has not always been plain sailing for the couple, however.

    Gallen dumped Troyer for a six-foot male stripper earlier this year, prompting the love-sick midget, who has admitted to a drinking problem, to go on a bender.

    After flying from Los Angeles to New York, a drunken Troyer wound up in a strip club, dancing on stage with a stripper.

    Troyer has now undergone treatment for alcoholism and friends say the stability of marriage will help to keep him off the booze.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    This is the last thing that I've heard about him.. wonder if he's off the wagon?
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    Update: I think that news article was from Saturday July 19, 2003.... Verne is on Howard Stern this morning and that relationship is long over and he has a gag order and can't discuss the break up.

    Oh, and yes, he's off the wagon - the sneak preview VH1 had on NY's Day showed him getting completely trashed and totally out of it - it's HILARIOUS!!!

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    I was crying last night watching Mini-me all drunk. After watching him handle himself at dinner, you can obviously tell the guy hasn't gotten laid in a while, if ever.

    Mini-me was all drunk, naked, and pissed in the corner.

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    I only saw pieces of it but that was just wrong when he rubbed the leaf on top of her nipple.

    Why is he in a motor scooter?

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    Reading that he has problems with alchohol and has undergone treatment makes me a little sad, because he was nowhere near handling his booze last night.
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    When he was sitting in his scooter, completely out of it, naked, peeing in the corner, I was torn between laughing and crying. It was so funny, but sad, too. I hope he's not rip-roarin' drunk the entire show. Joanie was such a creep for stealing his room and being so unreasonable and not understanding why he'd need special accommodations. He had every right to be pissed off.

    I wonder what kind of money Verne's made from his Mini Me days.
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