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Thread: The Cast: Verne Troyer

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    Does anybody know if Verne's done any interviews since the first show aired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by realfun
    Does anybody know if Verne's done any interviews since the first show aired?
    Yeah, he was on Stern's show. He admitted to having a drinking problem and getting treatment for it. He said he's ok now.

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    I feel bad that they showed him totally wasted. But it was outrageously funny!

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    AGE 36

    WHO? Austin Powers' Mini-Me

    CAREER HIGH POINT His films have grossed more than a billion dollars.

    FUN (?) FACT He's 2'8'' tall.

    'SURREAL' MOMENTS Kisses Joanie Laurer's a--, literally. Jane Wiedlin whoops his a--, literally. Bets his a--, literally, and has to drop his pants after Adrianne Curry drops hers.

    'SURREAL' QUOTE When he learns that former wrestler Laurer took his room, he grumbles, ''I'm going to be an angry dwarf.''

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    verne is going to be amazing this season.

    pissing in the hallway is only the beginning. i can already tell he's gonna provide so much comedic relief!
    Praise seitan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondBase
    verne is going to be amazing this season.

    Definitely! I now want a scooter-driving dwarf. But not an indoor-pissing dwarf.
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    I gotta give him props for his understanding and seeming non-bitterness about how the kids would react to him. It's got to sting, but he had the fortitude to not take it out on the kids, and even try pretty hard to get them to like him. It's a much better look at how tough it is to be him than some nonsense about him pissing in a corner, albeit less fun to watch.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    realfun, Verne's interview with Howard Stern aired on the E! Channel last night, but it was done before the first Surreal Life 4 episode aired. Stern had seen the first episode and talked to Verne about some the things that happened in it, so I guess he received an advanced copy of the episode.

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    To further elaborate Verne's appearance on The Howard Stern show..

    When confronted about the naked peeing (on TSR), the only thing Verne had to say was "he was marking his territory". Also, he said that he got that drunk because he was upset about Chyna taking his room. Also, that the "house" itself (just being on the Surreal Life) was enough to drink.
    He never admitted to having a problem...just kept saying he was "marking his territory" and "just being in the house".. that was enough for him to get so drunk.

    Howard asked him why "midget" was so derogatory to use. Verne got annoyed and said, "go look on the internet" to find the answer to that question. He never explained why it's bad to use that term, except that "dwarf" is the medical term.

    Having sex at the Playboy mansion, there was tons of alluding going on to the fact that he had sex with 3 to 4 women at the same time (oh, and another man was there w/him).

    Said his father treated him just like a normal kid while growing up. He has siblings that are of normal stature.

    When asked about his "manhood".. Verne said, "You know what a baby's arm looks like?" Then stuck his arm out straight.

    Howard asked about being randomly picked up by people when he's out in public.. Verne said that Howard reads to much tabloid shiat and that doesn't happen. He REALLY gets bent out of shape when people "tap" or "pat" him on the head, like he's a dog. Which is understandable.

    When asked how he goes to the bathroom in public (ie; club, restaurant), he never really answered. With some goading.. he basically said that he wipes it all down before climbing up on it (toilet).

    When asked if being Mini-Me made him a millionaire, Verne never answered. He alluded to the fact that he wasn't though. Howard said he must have been screwed in his contract(s).

    That's about it.. Verne just seemed angry more than anything.
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    From what I saw in the premiere, Verne is totally "Spanky the Ham."
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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