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Thread: The Cast: Marcus Schenkenberg

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Marcus was ON The Surreal Life 4????

    With as much air time he garnered, he could have saved himself a lot of time by just visiting the house for an hour or so.

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    FORT Fogey JamiLee's Avatar
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    Okay. How hot is this guy!?? I wish they'd give him a show instead of bratgirl who is just rude IMO

    He could be the female version of Tyra. Joanie is right when she calls him the
    perfect man......... what a babe!!!
    The Pats will be back next year. Watch out.....

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    Marcus is so sexy. I am suprised that Adrianne did'nt go after him. I would have. He has a wonderful body and personality. He's a good man is going to make a woman very lucky.

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    Maybe Adrianne wasnt interested in dating a man that dated Pam Anderson, considering the STD's and all. I cant disagree with her there, I would have went for chris too! As for only going after a brady for publicity, please! She's a model, all her connections would have been in Marcus. He could have moved her career, not some ex child star that hadnt been seen in public for almost 25 years!

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