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Thread: The Cast: Marcus Schenkenberg

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilgemini
    OK, I'm all for eye candy, but you gotta have some personality to back it up. What's his deal? I got the impression he was really holding back on the opening episode, like he didn't want to play the fool -- turned down the offer of more wine, refused to take the bait and go skinny dipping, kept his mouth shut in general...he even stayed clear of the fight over mini-me's room. But I think he'll open up as we proceed. I like that he's bonding with the surprisingly mature and levelheaded (and hot) Greg Brady, too. They could make an interesting buddy team. Remember he said he wants to work out with him? 3 hot sweaty guys pumping iron...oops, one of them is Chynna.
    And I bet Chynna can pump more than either of them.

    I'd like to see more of Mr. Eye Candy, but I'm with you - he needs more personality. He seems awfully laid back, but maybe he's used to everyone making a big deal over him because he's so gorgeous, and he hasn't figured out how to jump in to the mix. Or maybe he just needs the publicity and doesn't want to participate. Or maybe he's terrified of his roommates. Whatever, I'd like to see more than one expression, myself.

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    Anyone who spent any time in the now defunct "Hottest Men" thread knows who Marcus Schenkenerg is. (Where the heck is Fanatic to back me up here? )

    But alas, in moving pictures he has thus far proved to be more soporific than having a turkey sandwich with warm milk and an Ambien™ for dessert. Of all the guys in the world, whodathunk this hunk would've gotten outshined by Peter Brady?
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bof_Cof
    Boring... boring... boring.

    He should change his name to Prince Valium (Ok who gets the movie reference?)
    What is Jim J Bullock's name on Spaceballs, Alex?
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    Marcus is a super male model has been from Sweden dated Emma the model in George Michael's "Too Funky" video, she also a super model has been. Lately dated Pamela A.

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    Marcus is so quiet. We don't get to see to much of him But when we do he usually has his shirt off

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    Marcus is gorgeous to look at!! And quiet too!! That's a good thing.... A mouthy man is a total turn off!!

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    Marcus has been all over the place. I know he was with Kylie Bax,Pam Anderson,and a load of Playboy women. I have heard several times,though that he is a nice guy....I just wonder how many women he has been with!

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    in his defense, sweeds tend to be reserved. it is seen as a positive trait.

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    I liked Marcus the best of anyone. The most sincere, the best friend to the underdog(s) in the cast, he seemed to have genuine empathy for others. Not something usually seen in the narcissistic world of show biz or modeling...

    He'd be the one to hook up with, I totally disagreed w/Adrianne (ahem, to those who have that option). He'd be a really loyal boyfriend, I think. I think she felt dating a Brady had more potential publicity punch to it.

    Sorry for the alliteration :rolleyes

    He's almost too humble, though.... He does need to toot his own horn once in a while, in Hwd. to get the career he deserves. Then again he hasn't done too badly

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    Don't confuse sane with boring. Everybody loved Marcus, esp. Verne and China. Seems to me a good guy but that's doesn't make for good tv.

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