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Thread: The Cast: Joanie Laurer (Chyna)

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    No problem. She scared the crap outta me when I first saw them.

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    Im ready for my closeup.. Tallulahbaby's Avatar
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    She is really scary looking...and it that photo her boobs are sagging...couldnt she have got them lifted while they were working on her face?

    She kinda reminds me of Fire Marshall Bill with big lips...
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    ok. that photo looks like something from japanise cartoon show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    She is really scary looking...and it that photo her boobs are sagging...couldnt she have got them lifted while they were working on her face?

    She kinda reminds me of Fire Marshall Bill with big lips...
    If you think her boobs are the only things on her that are sagging, you definitely haven't seen the pictures circulating the internet from her sex tape coming out. All I'll say is that there are some people who are seriously convinced she's a man.

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    From the New York Post online:

    January 18, 2005 -- MUSCLE-BOUND lady wrestler Chyna Doll is making a meal out of supermodel Marcus "The Swedish Meatball" Schenkenberg. The B-list duo, who met while filming VH1's "The Surreal Life," were seen locking lips at Scores West in the wee hours of Saturday morning. "They were kissing and caressing each other," shudders our spy. Even more unsettling was when hulking Chyna jumped onstage and performed a nude striptease. "She asked to go onstage and the manager said, 'No thank you,' " relates our spy. "But eventually he let her, in the spirit of good fun. She was topless, but after she went bottomless, they told her she had to stop." Schenkenberg, who has romanced several of the topless temple's lovely dancers, left with his new squeeze shortly after 4 a.m. "It's like 'Beauty and the Beast,' " sniffed one of Schenkenberg's stripper conquests, who was aghast at the hookup. Earlier that night, Chyna got buck-naked and jumped into the fish tank at Coral Room as Schenkenberg filmed her with a video phone. Let's hope the male supermodel doesn't upset his bulging-biceped belle Chyna was arrested recently for beating up her ex-boyfriend, Sean Waltman.

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    Snoozin' on the beach
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    I swear she looks like she is wearing wax lips in those pics lol remember those when we were kids?

    She is one scary mary

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    Looks like our concerns about Chyna's drug use might be true. Here's a letter to Mark Kronin written by Chyna's ex-boyfriend. How sad. I have such a hard time watching her on the show. I hope she gets help soon.

    This is an open letter to Mark Kronin & the people at Mindless Entertainment:
    Dear Mark & Company,

    I will make it short and simple. Joanie arrived back in Los Angeles, after doing your "media tour", with no place to go due to the fact that she slandered the woman's name who she was living with. If I did not go get her, I feared she would do as she did after finishing your show & check herself into a hotel under an alias (so nobody could find her) and drink & drug herself to death. That is what happened then and she was very close to death at that point, had I not found her. My point is this. I do not believe for one moment that You & your staff do not realize that this woman is so far on the losing end of a life or death battle with drugs & alcohol along with severe mental illness. At the moment she is away from anyone who can or will enable her to continue to destroy herself. She has agreed to check into a rehab facility only to back out as we got her to the hospital. She knows she's out of control. This is a crucial time for you and anyone else who has profited from doing business with her to step up and help in any way possible to save this woman's life. Her only excuse right now for not doing it is that she doesn't have the money. If I did, that would not be an issue. You and I both know what she was paid to do your show. That amount of money is nominal compared to what you are making by exploiting her making a spectacle of herself for 13 days and giving her the platform to become an even bigger joke than Anna Nicole Smith. How she was allowed to go on further representing your show after the Howard Stern appearance is mind boggling. If it was not obvious at that point that she was in no shape to go and do another media appearance, then I question the common sense of everyone invovled. As far as I know I have not received a return phone call from your office about this. That is why I am writing this on my website. It may seem to some that this is not anyone else's responsibility, however I believe that unless someone is a bottom feeder, then they will truly feel some responsibility themselves now that they are aware of the magnitude of the situation. If I can still find it in myself not to turn my back on her completely, after what I have gone through, then it seems to me anyone who cares and is able to help, would do it without wanting to get a "Celebrity Rehab" series out of it. A return phone call would be appreciated either way.

    Yours Truly,
    Sean Waltman

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    I think her life would be much happier if she just admitted she was or is a man. I think that secret is what's causing her to be miserable. Very sad.

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    Chyna never was man. And i know this because i used to watch wrestling back in the day and i have seen pictures of her when she was little and she was a female. But she was a tomboy who was strong, wrestled and kicked guy's butts so i know why people would think she was a man.

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    I really do think Chyna (Joanie Laurer) is profoundly unattractive and masculine but I feel sorry for her a little. I'm sure it couldn't be easy having people tell her she's really a man. It looks like she's overcompensating her feminine wilds to make up for the rumors, not to mention her drug usage and probably depressive state has had a great deal to do with her persona.
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