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Thread: The Cast: Joanie Laurer (Chyna)

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    I just found this little story about Chyna and I thought I'd share.

    Joanie Laurer Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxic
    The irony of this .. is that if these were animals that were circus/water show performers and had this high of death rate, there would be alot of public outrage. Since these are humans in a hokey sport like Pro-wrestling ..it doesn't seem to be a big deal.
    I think the difference is that animals in a show can't control what their owners are feeding or injecting them with to make them perform. Humans are supposed to be responsible for themselves. I doubt that people doing steroids are unaware of health risks of it. They chose to go into the profession they did and they can stop at any time and they can choose whether they're going to take steroids or not to enhance their performance.

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    Thanks for the link to the story, mrcorkles. It's a really good read. I'm so happy to hear she's finally getting some help, as noted in the article.
    Wednesday, Waltman posted another message on his website, again directed at the Surreal Life producers.

    "Your kindness and compassion have turned Joanie's experience from a sad one, to one of happiness and hope,"
    he wrote.

    It appears Laurer has finally been offered the help she desperately needs.

    In a business where far too many die far too young, second chances are rare. Laurer has been offered a lifeline and now it's up to her to accept the help.

    If she doesn't, I fear the next article I write about her could be an obituary.
    After hearing Mark Cronin in a phone call with Howard Stern yesterday, talking about Verne Troyer's wife and their problems with her allegedly interfering with a show in the works about Mini Me's daily life, I now see what a schmuck Cronin is, as I'm sure are a lot of the other VH1 execs.

    I have really grown to love Chyna. She's just messed up. I wish her the best in recovery and hope that she may enjoy a successful new chapter in her career.

    She's really quite striking in this photo ....

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    I read the article to and was glad she is getting help too. Its up to her to stick with it though. This is probably her last chance at life to make the change, if she decides to give up.

    I don't give too much credit to the execs for anything. They are probably only helping in order to avoid some lawsuit IF she ended up dead. Doesn't really matter why they are doing it, just as long asthey are getting her help.

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    Joanie does have Family and friends. I know because I'm a friend of her Mom and her sister. And a friend of Joanie's. We have all tried on many occasions to reach her and talk to her about her problems. It's not easy to do when she shuts us out of her life and won't respond to calls or mail. She has surrounded herself with "enablers" who were helping her feed her addiciton and her denial. They also made sure we were all kept away from her too. Cards, Letters, phonecalls, many have been sent to her from us but never got any response from her. I told her over a year ago she needed help. Her sister tried 2 years ago next week to get her into rehab. She has had this problem for that long. It just got worse this last year.

    What she said on that episode about not having family or friends was a very painful thing for those of us who DO care for her to hear.

    Right now thanks to Sean and Tobi (the man with her on Stern. he is not her brother by the way, he is a friend) she is in a better place and we all hope and pray she will make it and be ok.

    The people on Surreal Life would like to make the public beleive that they played a big role in getting her help, they did help Only after Sean backed them up against the wall with his letter to Mindless Entertainment. The cast members claim to have done an intervention. They may have called her, but it was AFTER Sean and Tobi already got her to a safe place. The episode with Sean is edited to make him look bad. That is very sad becuase what the world will see is not the truth of what happened that. day.

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    I saw her on MTV cribs recently. Her house was in Maine(huh?), and she was really calm and collected. Must have been several years ago?

    Although there probably isn't a point of saying it here, I truely hope things get better for her.
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    You'd be surprised at how much any and all information that is shared on the Fort is appreciated.
    So, no.. it's not 'useless info' to share.. cuz now I'm going to be watching for her crib on MTV! Thanks!
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    It's a few years old so it'll very well depend if they decide to recycle it.
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    Right now thanks to Sean and Tobi (the man with her on Stern. he is not her brother by the way, he is a friend) she is in a better place and we all hope and pray she will make it and be ok.
    Sean is a creep & it doesn't matter how the Surreal Life edited because he is a creep! :phhht

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldfriend
    The episode with Sean is edited to make him look bad. That is very sad becuase what the world will see is not the truth of what happened that. day.
    That may be, but I just saw the episode and Joanie is SCARED of him. I know the signs. It may be, too, that Sean has made everyone believe that it's her "issue" that is alienating everyone. However, abusive men are experts at alienating loved ones from their chosen victim. I feel for her. I hope she can get well and become secure in herself and only allow those who truly love her in her life.

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