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Thread: The Cast: Joanie Laurer (Chyna)

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    You know, I idolized her when she was wrestling, for the fact that she had an amazing body and was a powerful woman...and to now see her like this is sad....I would check her into rehab myself if i could

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    I thought this article was relevent to Chyna.

    High death rate lingers behind fun facade of pro wrestling

    By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY

    Mike "Road Warrior Hawk" Hegstrand died from an enlarged heart caused by high blood pressure at 46. Mike "Crash Holly" Lockwood died from what a medical examiner ruled a suicide at 32. A lethal combination of painkillers was found in his system.

    Mike Lozanski died from what his family says was a lung infection at 35. His relatives are awaiting an autopsy report.

    All died in the last five months. All were professional wrestlers with bulging muscles on sculpted bodies. The deaths received little notice beyond obituaries in small newspapers and on wrestling Web sites, typical of the fringe status of the $500 million industry.

    Yet their deaths underscore the troubling fact that despite some attempts to clean up an industry sold on size, stamina and theatrics, wrestlers die young at a staggering rate. Since 1997, about 1,000 wrestlers 45 and younger have worked on pro wrestling circuits worldwide, wrestling officials estimate.

    USA TODAY's examination of medical documents, autopsies and police reports, along with interviews with family members and news accounts, shows that at least 65 wrestlers died in that time, 25 from heart attacks or other coronary problems an extraordinarily high rate for people that young, medical officials say. Many had enlarged hearts.

    Illegal steroid use in professional sports has gained plenty of attention: President Bush in his State of the Union address in January urged athletes and professional sports leagues to stop steroid use, and a federal grand jury has been investigating Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative.

    However, it is pro wrestling where the problem appears to be the most pervasive and deadly. In five of the 25 deaths, medical examiners concluded that steroids might have played a role. Excessive steroid use can lead to an enlarged heart. In 12 others, examiners in medical reports cited evidence of use of painkillers, cocaine and other drugs.

    The widespread use of drugs and the deaths associated with it raise questions about a largely unregulated business that is watched on TV and in arenas by an estimated 20 million fans a week, including children. Those fans will tune in Sunday for the industry's biggest event, WrestleMania XX.

    Fifteen current and former wrestlers interviewed by USA TODAY say they willingly bulked up on anabolic steroids, which they call "juice," to look the part and took pain pills so they could perform four to five nights a week despite injuries. Some admit to use of human-growth hormones, a muscle-building compound even more powerful and dangerous than steroids. And many say they used recreational drugs.

    "I experienced what we in the profession call the silent scream" of pain, drugs and loneliness, says wrestling legend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, 49, who has been in the business more than 30 years. "You're in your hotel room. You're banged up, numb and alone. You don't want to go downstairs to the bar or restaurant. The walls are breathing. You don't want to talk. Panic sets in and you start weeping. It's something all of us go through."

    Scott "Raven" Levy, 39, says he used steroids and more than 200 pain pills daily before he kicked the habit a few years ago. "It's part of the job," Levy says. "If you want to be a wrestler, you have to be a big guy, and you have to perform in pain. If you choose to do neither, pick another profession."

    The costs are high. Wrestlers have death rates about seven times higher than the general U.S. population, says Keith Pinckard, a medical examiner in Dallas who has followed wrestling fatalities. They are 12 times more likely to die from heart disease than other Americans 25 to 44, he adds. And USA TODAY research shows that wrestlers are about 20 times more likely to die before 45 than are pro football players, another profession that's exceptionally hard on the body.

    Some wrestlers bet among themselves on who will die next, says Mike Lano, a former wrestling manager and promoter.

    You can read the entire article here: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/2004-...restling_x.htm

    The irony of this .. is that if these were animals that were circus/water show performers and had this high of death rate, there would be alot of public outrage. Since these are humans in a hokey sport like Pro-wrestling ..it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

    Chyna is actually like alot of ex-pro-wrestlers. On a downward spiral of drugs and depression ... you are just seeing it on TV for the first time.

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    Chyna's date, I think his name was Craig.. WHY am I almost convinced that I've seen him before?? I am almost certain that I've seen him somewhere, somehow..before. Anyone have a clue about him?

    Anyway.. I feel bad for her. I'm not going to bash on her for any outrageous behavior, because imo..she's just SCREAMING for attention (ie; help).
    Next week's episode looks like a lot of things come to a head with her boyfriend showing up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Next week's episode looks like a lot of things come to a head with her boyfriend showing up.
    She claims that she was in an abusive realtionship with him (which I'm sure she shared with people in the house) and she also got into a nasty fight with him when she appeared on The Howard Stern Show to promote Surreal Life.

    I used to make fun of her all the time,but I agree with Maveno...I'm starting to feel bad for her. She seems like a really sad person on the inside.

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    ITA Mav and mrcorkles. She's obviously crying out for help. It's becoming painful to watch and she doesn't seem to have anyone in her life (based on articles I've read and things I've seem posted here) that really wants to help her.

    The previews for the next show look bad. What need to happen is that both Chris and Marcus need to pick that loser up and kick his butt out of the house! And then they need to do an intervention and get Joanie into rehab. If she doesn't end up getting help after this show, I'll really feel like the producers did nothing but take advantage of her. Yes, I know that she has to want to get help, but still - I wish someone would at least make the effort and that we could see that they care about her.

    Do we know anything about her family?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    Do we know anything about her family?
    I think she said on Surreal Life (the camping episode) that she doesn't have any family. I just remembered that she wrote a book a couple of years ago and if I am recalling correctly,she mentioned that she had been raped as well.

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    She went on the howard stern show with her brother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee
    She went on the howard stern show with her brother.
    Oh! That's right...I forgot about that!

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    How long has it been since this seasons filming ended and they are showing it? There hasn't been any mention of her going into rehab and with her antics on Howard Stern and the other stuff, its obvious no one got her help since she left the house. I think the producers want her to be a train wreck because it will help ratings and people will tune in.

    It may not be their responsibility to get her into rehab but its a real low life that exploits someones misery for their own gain and does nothing to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    How long has it been since this seasons filming ended and they are showing it?
    Filming ended November 12th, 2004

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