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Thread: The Cast: Da Brat

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    I will never, Ever, EVER watch her show! a show about being honest? Thus far, I've seen her do nothing but talk smack behind everyones backs! She's just Bruttally Evil....honest is one thing....talking people down to feel better about your failed career is another...Brat was big over 10 years ago...and has since disappeared...please vanish gain for us! I'd much rather watch auty and The Brady or Maneaters (chris and adrianne or chynna and missy) at least I'd ENJOY it

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlrad
    Da Brat came from Chicago...and currently resides on the eastside
    in Chicago.... there is the northside, southside, westside and the downtown 'loop' area....

    There isn't an "eastside" to chi, unless she lives in Lake Michigan!!

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    Well, I'm not sure about where she lives. However, I do know that if you live on the south side of Chicago, you tend to think of the south side as divided into east and west (Dan Ryan). So, often, people on the southside call areas east of the Ryan (Hyde Park, South Shore, etc) the east side.

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    I liked Da Brat before I saw this season of The Surreal Life and I am really disappointed by her actions on the show.

    It seems as if she is acting like she is better than the other castmembers on the show and that is not cool at all...I am especially hating her comment to Jane Weidlin...I mean c'mon...how can you be mean to Jane??? She seems like a sweetheart.

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    Da Brat

    I am an African-American woman and I can tell you that Da Brat is unequivocally a has been. Why else would she come on the show? For kicks? If that's the case, then I would hope she would be a whole lot less antagonistic. I grew up watching the Bradys and I did not appreciate her comment about Chris being "old as dirt". One day she will be old and someone will call her a name far worse than that. When everyone was sitting on the couch and Marcus said hello, she said hello from a distance. She didn't even have the decency to walk up to them and greet them pleasantly. I was very disappointed in her and now I don't like her at all. On the first show, when verne kissed Chyna's but, you could see Brat in the mirror smiling and then making a face behind her back. What a phony! Brat if you read this, you are the most miserable person I ever saw in my life. You are so damn negative and have nothing good to say about anybody. Why you seem to have yourself elevated so high while looking down at the rest of the world with such disdain is anybody's guess. Where do you get off? You really suck!

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    Soon summer soon BlondieGirl's Avatar
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    Da Brat?!! Girl, you are not all that! You are not even close to being all that.

    She is annoying..and if she ever picked up a couple of wine bottles to use on me, she better use them or run. She tries to threaten like a thug. Not. Scared.
    "Pluck not the wayside flower..." William Allingham

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    Da Brat is so, so deluded in thinking that she is not a has-been. The only reason she gets ANY attention in the hip hop community now, is because guys want to get near her sister Lisa Raye.

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    I too am surprised by the Brat's comments and actions. :phhht

    She has had no better career than anyone there (Except the guy who says he a former model. I've never seen or heard of him.)

    More people know Minnie Me than the Brat. She is totally suffering from Delusions of grandeur. She was a minor artist at best. The only things I know from her prior to a song she had in 2003 was her compilations with other rap artist.

    Poor baby.

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    Da Brat has been Washed up since she was born

    undefinedundefinedundefined Sorry, but Da Brat is in Denial. She is Washed up like the rest of them. Her career is over, and has been over for years. At least Jane has a following. Da Brat the only people following her are people who want their money, and people who spent money on her last album. Da Brat was probably the least known and the person who was the most washed up/career over

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    What makes it all worse..she has no couth. This "tough" act she dons is sickening and old.
    She knew she was obviously hurting people's feelings with what she said and had to audacity to say she MEANT every word & wouldn't take them back.. such a bitch.

    She's old and busted.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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