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Thread: The Cast: Adrianne Curry

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    but they cast her as the female hottie? Ryan is way hotter. There is something that is so masculine about adrianne.
    I didn't find Ryan that hot.

    As for Adrienne seeming masculine...physically she doesn't seem masculine at all. However, her attitude and way of thinking is like a guy. I can't speak for all men, but this is a MAJOR plus IMO. Think about it: A woman that's hot, and you can relate to her! That's perfection

    Maybe some guys like playing games, but I like a woman that you can relate to and don't have to read like a book with missing pages.

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    funny, people on the vh1 boards are claiming Adrianne is 28 yrs old....though they havent presented any firm proof....

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    Exactly how old is she anyway?

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    Adrianne was 20 at the time she was on ANTM right? So I guess she's 22 now?

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    AGE 22

    WHO? Winner of America's Next Top Model, season 1

    CAREER HIGH POINT As part of her Top Model prize, she won a six-page photo spread in Marie Claire magazine.

    FUN (?) FACT Dropped out of high school during her junior year, was addicted to drugs, put herself in rehab, and has been clean for three years

    'SURREAL' MOMENTS Wrestles with a wrestler. Goes skinny dipping with a Go-Go. Falls in love with a Brady.

    'SURREAL' QUOTE ''I'm definitely not going to pass on the opportunity to skinny-dip with a Go-Go. That was probably a lot of people's dreams at one time.''

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    is it just me, or does the preview at the end of episode one show adrianne and jane kinda all over each other??? I really hope this is the case! Does adrianne strip at bthe strip club?

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    I don't think she actually strips, but she does do the dancing part pretty believable.

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    Adrienne's my favorite.

    Adrienne is a very pretty...no, gorgeous, woman. But her personality makes her relatable. Definately my favorite cast member. She's a model, but she doesn't have the standard "diva" attitude that many models have, especially has-been models (ie those over the age of 25).

    I watched the first season of ANTM but it wasnt until Surreal Life that I noticed how stunning her physical appearance is. She looks like she could be a sister of Denise Richards, dont you think?

    Compare her to ANTM season 3 winner Eva, and there is such a stark contrast between them, one looks like a haute couture model, the other looks like....well, doesnt look like a model.

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    I think there were much more beautiful girls in the competition than all 3 winners of top model especially Adrianne.

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    I had very mixed feelings about her on ANTM, but I have some real love for her because of her obvious soft touch and love for kids. A lot of modelly diva types and/or Reality TV wannabees would, I think, be either awkward or pissy around kids--a lot of models have to turn their backs on having kids until they are in their 30s and I think that would affect almost anyone in that circumstance. Maybe the unorthodox way she became a model (although, admit it, very much a third-tier model, no "super" about it) helped alleviate that.

    I agree that the diction problems and crudeness she seemed to have on ANTM are gone, and it makes me think that maybe that part of her was just an act to get an advantage and/or cameratime. What we are seeing now is likely in part an act too (she's biting her tongue or being nicer than normal), but some things (like an affinity for kids) you can't fake.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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