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Thread: The Cast: Adrianne Curry

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    Tell! Tell! Tell! Tell!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattio
    The post in here have changed rapidly from everybody hating her, then seeing the first episode, and then comparing her to Ryan for 4 pages.
    Mattio, give us the scoop on the cute couple! It's not like ANTM where there's a contest that would be spoiled by giving out information--you're in a position to Know Things!

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    Do you all think she was really born in the early 80s? At times she looks older then that but at times I'm not to sure. A lot of celebrities(I dunno if Adrienne is considered one though but you know what I mean) lie about their age.

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    she doesnt have the means or the power for a scandal like that! It's on the officail Joliet IL website(her hometown) her date of birth. Being born and bred there...I think they would know

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    Hey, a lot of people had crushes on Peter Brady back in the day...maybe she was one of them, then she got to meet him and saw how kind he is...it might be love, who are we to say? *shrug*

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    Adrianne is looking HOT in a spread in this months maxim. Chris K night is an idiot if he doesnt take care of that woman!

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    Adrianne in Maxim
    Adrianne is not on the cover. The girl on the cover is Sara Foster. I dont know who she is. If you go to Maximonline under girls of Maxim, look for Adrianne's name (it's in alphabetical order). You can see the pictures she posed for in the magazine, but when you click on the picture, they ask you to pay for a subscription

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    you can see 4 out of 8 pictures on Maximonline website the other 4 are for Mazim subscribers only. If anyone has those, plz scan them on here Adrianne look so hot in her pictures

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    I'm not a subscriber to Maxim so I'm not able to look at the pics but if someone is, and they can post the pics - that would be great...

    If not, I'll have to go to the bookstore... Ummm, or maybe I'll have to ask my sister since she subscribes to Maxim...

    I didnt get to see Adrianne on the show this week so I was a little angry... I need my weekly dose of Adrianne or I go nuts ! LoL j/k..

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    You'll have to go to the bookstore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xToNiCx
    I didnt get to see Adrianne on the show this week so I was a little angry... I need my weekly dose of Adrianne or I go nuts ! LoL j/k..
    Yeah I feel the same way.
    I'm REALLY pissed off, that the show is only 1/2 hour and there is only like 6 or 7 eps.
    What going on with VH1?
    I Just don't get it . . . well, waiting like everyone else for the next NEW SURREAL LIFE . . .
    waiting . . . and waiting . . . yep still waiting

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