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Thread: 11/07/04 episode

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    11/07/04 episode

    I am such a wuss, but I cried a little. And you know what? I even felt myself warming up to Ryan. Can you believe I said that? I still hold her ego and attitude against her, but she's not all bad. And the scene with her, Charo and Brigitte acting like dorky schoolgirls was sweet. But, really, I'm a 28-year-old wife and mother, and I STILL love hanging out with girlfriends and acting like a dork. Must be a woman thing. hehe
    Flav got annoying in this episode, but I was glad to see him and Ryan call a sort of truce. I also liked how Charo really tried to play peacemaker.

    This episode did a good job of showing everyone in a somewhat positive light, to the point that I wanted to hug them all. (What is wrong with me?)

    My final impressions:

    Charo: By far my favorite housemate. Sweet, fun, funny, outspoken and passionate about music. I'd want to hang with her.

    Brigitte: My husband told me "she used to be really hot." I guess the cigarettes and boos really did a number on her. She also seems a little off mentally. That said, she also appears to be a very nice, sweet person who truly cares for others.

    Ryan: Okay, so she has an ego the size of Texas, looks like a rat, has a horrible attitude, can't sing very well, and lies. But she still put Jordon in his place and can hold her ground in an argument. Plus, she's confident. I can't stand her, but I like her at the same time. Probably the way she feels about...

    Flavor Flav: Yes, he is loud and obnoxious. But he seems very kind and loving at times, and is great with kids. Plus, he's kicks ass at what he does! Can't help but like the guy.

    Dave: Hated him on Full House (hated the show), liked him here. He is friendly, thoughtful and considerate. Only problem is, he's also very boring.

    Jordon: My least favorite housemate. Though I do believe he grew to like the others towards the end, I think he will always think of himself as better than those around him. Just my impression.

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    I was actually hoping to hear other people's reactions as well. That's why I posted this.

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    I don't think a whole lot of people watch the show. Otherwise FORT'ers are very talkative.

    I liked Dave the best. Brigitte is an embarrasment for all Danes. I'd probably prefer Jordan as a housemate, if I had to pick one of them. He'd probably leave me alone and not bother me I'd leave him alone, so that would work.

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