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Thread: The Surreal Life 10/24 - Graveyard Shift at the Haunted Hospital

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    You had me sh****** my pants! A fun and spooky recap.

    Eeriness, humor and informative. A perfect trifecta!
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    Wow, awesome recap, Sher! Very funny, and watching the show probably still would have freaked me out, even though I agree with your sentiment:

    (or as I like to think, people hired and hidden around the “hospital” pretending to be ghosts or demons.)
    Whatever the circumstances, I bet it was scarier than the Haunted Ship at FortCon.
    Tune in next week for the scary Halloween episode! I guess VH1 did not feel that this episode would be scary enough for Halloween, so they decided to air the episode with the scariest person of all… Sally Jesse Raphael! AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH HHH!!!
    Great job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    Whatever the circumstances, I bet it was scarier than the Haunted Ship at FortCon.
    Most things on this show are scarier than the haunted ship at FORTcon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    Jordan says he will protect her, but she says no way, no how. Sorry Jordan, you just lost your chance to cop a feel. Too bad.

    If it were me, I would just let the dead dude have his elevator shaft and I would GET OUT.

    Brig is very scared, but teeny little Flav says he will protect her. I am thinking the reverse would be necessary.

    Brig cries, “I want out of here. I care for people!” Again, a big “HUH?”

    She continues her speech by saying that she believes what the Bible says… that when people die, they go to Hades or Heaven or Geneva. Huh?
    These people just don't get it, do they? (hey look, a ghost...let's stick around and see if we can make it mad)
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Sher, awesome recap as always.

    I found this so entertaining, how freaked out they all were. I laughed so hard. And the dead go to Geneva? Like for a skiing vacation? It's nice to know I have something really pleasant to look forward to when I pass on; the Alps, chalets, long afternoons on the slopes and hot chocolate in front of the fire.

    Ryan is incredibly stupid, poor thing.

    I do, however, kind of find Brigitte and Flav's affection for each other somewhat endearing. She calling him "Mr. F.', saying that she couldn't have gotten through it without him, and he calling her Gitte or G, and being concerned for her welfare. It is kind of cute. They seem such opposites, yet there is caring there.

    Flav has really surprised me. Dave seemed at first to be the father figure, as Erik Estrada was. But it is Flav who seems to be the caretaker. Still waters run deep, and Flav, bless him, gold teeth and all, continues to surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    It is just him, his flashlight and those few ghosts who have decided to trek down the hall with him.
    Sher, your recaps are truly hilarious!

    This episode reminded me of the reality show "Fear" on MTV. One of the episodes was also about a haunted hospital. I wonder if it was the same one or are there many haunted hospitals out there?
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