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Thread: The Surreal Life 10/10-10/17: 12 Long Hours and One Sorry Song

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    Flav has made his way to the phone room to call his mama, who he tells that the group is making a song, and it is going to be a hit, yo. And that his “hock” is “card” for this project. Give it a minute. You’ll figure it out.
    What's sad is that it really did take me a minute. Great recap Sher!
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    *Loves It!* uh, wait, wrong show. I love your recaps, sher.

    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    Uh, Ryan honey, just so you know – you are not a star at all. And you can’t sell out when you’ve never sold. You are just a really pretty girl who happened to make it on American Idol, but that has not done a damn thing since.
    I feel a little sorry for Ryan between the times I want to throttle her, which is most of the time. All that teen-aged angst. She's not very mature for her age; she didn't seem to learn much from American Idol, as much as she loathes it.

    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    ...he tells Charo to just play the guitar like she is singing. To forget the technicalities like chords and notes and just sing with the guitar. Charo stops, lifts her head and sees Jordan even more clearly for the dumbass he is. She tells the camera that he is a musical f*** up...
    I like charo. She's a good mixture of playfulness and whimsy.

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    I'm never following my friends' suggestions re television shows again.

    My ears are bleeding. And I'm only in to the show 15 minutes. How can Charo be the most talented person in a group? This is baffling.

    Oh, and Ryan "Star". Um, go ahead and change your name back to "whateveritwasbefore".

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