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Thread: Surreal Life Recap - or the lack thereof...

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    Surreal Life Recap - or the lack thereof...

    hey everyone, i totally missed the show on sunday night. i have been waiting for a rebroadcast of it, and i'm sure i've already missed it, but my cable has a stupid "to be announced" on many many hours of vh1, and my dvr doesn't like to record to that. and the yahoo tv guide keeps switching it up.

    anyway, what i'm trying to say is that i can't recap something i didn't see... i'm hopeful that they'll reair the show prior to the new epi on sunday... and since it was a part 1 of 2, if and when i see it, i'll just recap the 2 shows together.

    sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I understand, take your time. Your recaps are well worth the wait.
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