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Thread: Surreal Life Video "Live My Life"

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    Surreal Life Video "Live My Life"

    Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm a Surreal Life-Aholic with no shame.

    I just watched the video of "Live My Life" ... the song they had one day to put together, with Jordan producing it ... and I've got to admit (cut me some slack here, k?) I kinda like it. It's catchy. Ryan (hate!!! :phhht ) isn't too terrible. Her voice is like that of a Princess Cruise entertainer. My daughter has taken years of singing and acting lessons, and through her I've learned of different ways you can use your voice, and Ryan's voice is like a "head voice" ... she's not using her "real" voice. It's very generic, and -- dare I say it, Ryan? -- Pop-sounding! (Oh, now there I've gone and said it!) I don't hear a rocker voice coming from her. Granted this is supposed to be an R&B song, but whatever.

    The video is cute! I love this cast and I'm going to be sad when this season is over.

    I really love how every cast member had a part in making this song. I don't care for Brigitte's voice-over thingy much, but I realize she had to do something, and I love Dave's harmonica, but not his "trumpet sounds". Flav is awesome at the bass, and Charo kicks ass with her flamenco guitar. Jordan's high-pitched "ooooooohhh-ooohh"ing makes me laugh.

    I'm sorry I couldn't figure out how to link directly to the video itself, but here's the page, so you just need to click on the video.

    Surreal Life Video

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    Thanks Rumpy!! I can't wait to watch it when I get home.

    My name is Charlottej, and I also am a SurrealLife-aholic.
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    Me too. I love this cast this time.

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    Love the cast, except ahem Ryan... what a crybaby. :phhht
    Flav has a personality I would've never guessed, seeing him in the episode with the children was great!!

    The video is cute from what I could see, and the song is catchy

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    I can't wait for Part Two of Making the Video! It's on tomorrow night! I find myself clicking on the video link from time to time, and now I'm hooked on the song. It's so catchy! Ryan's voice is nice, but cracks in a few places. I'll cut her some slack, though, since they had to write and produce this song in only one day. Personally I wouldn't know where to begin. How cute how everyone has a little part in the song.

    I love this show! I'm gonna be sad when this season's over. This has been my favorite group so far. I watched a few reruns this afternoon and it seems I'll never get tired of this show.

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    Other than Flav and Brig I don't really see where the rest of the cast members contribute any excitement.......Ryan is nothing but negative all the time - Jordan is just plain weird and boring......Dave is nice, but boring....... Charo is kooky, but boring and most of the time no one knows what she's saying anyway. That can be funny at first but after awhile it gets OLD trying to figure out what's being said.....maybe I should try close-caption if it's available on this show...... I really liked the series with Ron Jeremy and Tammy Faye - the one with Emmanuel Lewis was ok - those are the only ones I've seen so I don't have a whole lot to compare to but this season just seems to me that if not for Flav and Brig what would we be seeing???????

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    This show is dumb, dumb, dumb...it serves no purpose. It's great that all these people can poke fun at themselves and how they used to be on Hollywood's "A-List". What are they hoping for? Hoping that this will kick start their ailing careers. I hate to say it, but VH1 is turning into MTV3 with all the shows. Where are the music videos at???

    Flav and Bridgette are two dopes. I believe that's how they really are with cameras off. Bridgette reminds me of an older version of Anna Nicole, always incoherant and staggering. Flave, he's just disgusting. He needs to take that clock around his neck and move the hands ahead to 2004. Public Enemy was a great group in 1990, but Flave's antics and rhymes did nothing for the group. These two need rehab badly. Put down the booze and the drugs and clean yourselves up. It's bad when Howard Stern has doubts about having those two on his show. I take that back...it's REALLY bad. :nono

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    I think Flav's clean. I love the show, and like the video also. This is the best season so far, and I've seen most of the previous seasons. Thanks for posting the link Rumpshaker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sqpiggy
    This show is dumb, dumb, dumb...it serves no purpose.
    Then don't watch it. Sometimes it's nice to unplug from the world and enjoy a show that "serves no purpose". I supposed that's why reality TV is so popular now.

    Quote Originally Posted by sqpiggy
    I hate to say it, but VH1 is turning into MTV3 with all the shows. Where are the music videos at???
    Where are the music videos? They play them over, and over, and over, and over, and over again from approx. 3:00 am to noon every single day, including weekend mornings. How many times can you hear the same top ten again and again?

    Quote Originally Posted by sqpiggy
    Flav and Bridgette are two dopes.
    I think they're quite charming in their own way. They're good sports who are having a good time entertaining people during their 2-week stint in the Surreal Life house. Ryan, on the other hand, is taking all this much too seriously. She's the one with problems.

    Glad you posted, though, piggy! Welcome!

    Hi luvcures1! You're welcome!

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    The video won't download for Macs. Booo!
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