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Thread: 9/12 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIMguy
    Does anyone know what company makes those balls? I believe the cue ball had the name of the company (or brand) written in it, and I meant to write it down. But I didn't and now I forgot.
    Well, I'm sure it will be on 20 times this week & you can get a chance to write it down

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIMguy
    Ryan's alright. I think she's got a pretty level head for a 21 year old. Many attractive women her age are out drinking and flashing their boobs for the "Girls Gone Wild" cameras. I credit Ryan for not just giving it away for a quick buck (but, then again, she is a reality TV personality, but at least she's keeping her clothes on).

    And Flava cracks me up.
    I agree about Ryan. She seems like a normal 21 year old. The Girls gone wild girls are really (no words to describe)

    Bridgette Nelson seems to have a serious drinking problem. How old is she anyway? Drinking, smoking and tanning and being light skinned she is gonna age herself more and more. What is she thinking? And just gross with the guys. I don't like Jordan at all but, he probably lied about having a girlfriend maybe so he wouldn't hurt her feelings. Loved Dave calling her on the European thing. I was ticked off it was only a half hour. What's up with that? Has it always only been a half hour show?
    OH and please will they put subtitles for Charo! Funny -when I understand what she is saying........

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    Ugh, It sux that the show is only 30 min! I taped it, and when I cut commercials, it was like 17 minutes insteada the normal 22! Anyway....

    I would NOT go in the pool if Brigitte & Flav were in there cuz from a distance, you couldn't tell if they were gettin' busy or WHAT. *gag*. I think both of em are NASTY! Flav can be funny but when he is droolin' all over brigitte (i think only cuz she walks around w/ her boobs hangin out), its sickening.

    About the playing pool at 11pm incident. Well, I'm a night owl too, but I think they coulda lowered their voices a little. I still think they should be able to play pool tho'. Cuz theres no tv, or internet there, so there isn't much else to do. U can talk, yeah, but sometimes u just wanna entertain yourself.

    I can't believe Ryan and Charo go to bed so early. Well charo's old, so maybe, lol, but if Ryan is in "the business", she needs to learn to stay up!

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    This is a freaky show but i love it!!

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    Flav and Brigitte. But there's something endearing about Flav that I can't put my finger on. Yes he's annoying but under that exterior he seems like a nice guy.

    I don't like Ryan. I just don't.

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    I'm not sure if Flav is a wolf in sheep's clothing or a sheep in wolf's clothing.

    Irregardless, if two people can find happiness, good for them. But, I don't care what consenting adults do as long as I don't have to watch it.
    Watching the two of them all over each others, is like watching two 90 year olds making-out. *shudder*

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    the pool balls are rainbow

    But I will say that they are hard to play with and I would recommend Brunswick Centennial or Aramith Super Pro if you like having the best.

    If $200 is too much to spend on pool balls (I mean, who needs perfectly round ones anyway? /sarcasm off), for the $100 you would spend on the rainbow, the Premier Aramith is a much better bet and can be found online for about $80.

    I don't know what I'm talking about? Look at my alias - it's not cuz I wear snappy clothes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ness
    It would suit me very fine if he and Brigitte toned down their antics.
    Well, if they did this, they wouldn't have a show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcue
    Thanks for the info gcue. I could have sworn that the clear cue ball had a name that ended in "ex" but I haven't been able to watch the episode again. The rainbows look cool, just for fun. But the Aramith Super Pros are what's on my table!

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