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Thread: The Cast: Ryan Starr

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    She needs to stand up straight! She is always slumped over. Straighten up that neck Ryan!

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    Every notice she talks and sings like she has an eternal head cold?

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    I am a Ryan hater...sorry if I offend because you love her! Her speaking voice sounds so masculine...and her personailty...bleech! For some reason, she gives me the willies!
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    Ryan was on Howard Stern this morning. She's a total goody goodie. She goes to church, doesn't drink, doesn't want to go "pop", turned down Playboy, claims she's only into boys but is still a virgin, etc.

    I don't watch American Idol or Surreal Life but just wanted to pass on this info.

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    Ryan on Stern transcript from www.marksfriggin.com:
    Singer Ryan Starr Comes In. 11/08/04. 8:00am
    Howard got in a plug for tonight's E! show which features Ronnie the Limo Driver and Scores Strippers getting hypnotized. He brought in Ryan Starr after that. She's appearing in a ''Girls of Reality TV'' calendar. Howard said that not many of the other women in the calendar are recognizable though. Howard told Ryan that he loves ''The Surreal Life'' which she's appearing in this season. Howard told her he thinks she's a little crazy but Ryan thinks that she's kind of boring. Ryan told Howard that she doesn't hate Flavor Flav like they're making it seem on the show. She said that they're editing it to look that way. Howard said that it looks like she isn't having a fun time on the show because she won't just let loose and perform the pop song they want her to on the show. Ryan said she doesn't want to perform that stuff because it's not her type of music. Howard said he did respect Ryan when she went off on Flavor Flav after he beat a dog. Howard said he'd have a few words for him himself. It was just a little puppy too, it wasn't even a full sized dog. Howard said that's a cultural thing and when he was a camp counselor, he'd show the kids some frogs or something and the black kids would take them and smash them with their feet while the white kids would want to make them pets.
    Ryan said that she and Flavor Flav had a great discussion when they went on a date one night but they won't show that on The Surreal Life for some reason. She said she learned a lot from him that night. Howard told Ryan about Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielson coming on the show a couple of months back and how crazy that was. Ryan said that being around Brigitte is crazy because she just does whatever she wants to do. Ryan told Howard and Robin that they edited ''The Surreal Life'' in a way that made it look like she didn't perform at some event that she was willing to perform at. She said that they made it seem like she wasn't around but she was.

    Howard said he was driving around in the car with his 11 year old daughter, Ashley, and they were listening to Z-100 and Ryan Seacrest came on. Ryan told Kelly Clarkson that her song was number 1 and Howard couldn't believe it. Not only that, the song was written by Avril Lavigne. He didn't know that she was still relevant though. Ryan told Howard that she's got a new album out but it's tough to get her songs played on radio. Howard and Robin told Ryan that she should just do a couple of pop songs first and then do what she really wants to do once she gets a couple of hits. Ryan said she's into rock and doesn't want to do that stuff.

    Howard was reading a blind item in Page Six recently and he thought that it was Ryan. He read the story and thought that it was Ryan who might be a lesbian. Ryan said that she's not a lesbian. She dated a guy for a year but he broke her 19 year old heart. Ryan claims that she and the guy didn't do anything sexual so Howard figured that's why the guy bailed. She said that she's really not a dirty, trampy girl. Gary wanted to know if she's still a virgin but she said it was none of his business. She said that she has ''fooled around'' but wouldn't talk about whether or not she's had sex. Howard said he doesn't even get a sexual vibe from Ryan. She said that she does like guys and does get turned on by them, she's just not going out and having sex with a bunch of guys.

    Howard gave Ryan a plug for the calendar she's appearing in, the 2005 Sexiest Women of Reality TV calendar, which is available at RealityTVStuff.com. Gary came in and asked her if she was entertaining an offer to appear in Playboy. She said she did get an offer but she already turned it down. She said she just can't do it. She did appear in Stuff magazine and she said they airbrushed her boobs to make them look really big. She said her mother asked her where she got them after seeing the pictures.

    Howard wrapped up after that and gave Ryan another plug for the calendar. Ryan said that you can get her single ''My Religion'' on iTunes as well.

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    I would NEVER allow my cd player to play her cd, and what would the neighbors think of me?!?
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