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Thread: The Cast: Ryan Starr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krispy Kreme

    OK this was too funny
    For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.
    - Virginia Woolf

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    i don't want to sound mean but to me she needs to just get over it about singing the song. Singing one pop song or one r & b song will not make her a pop singer. OK she likes rock but she did not pitch in when they started so she should just get over it and sing the song. Maybe singing more then one type of song will actually get her noticed more...


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    MAN this girl is annoying, what a prima donna!

    Ryan, I have news for you....You "SOLD OUT" the moment you signed up for American Idol...


    I hate reality show contestants that WHINE the whole time, people you signed up for this!

    Ahhh, thank you for letting me get that off my chest.
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    Ryan needs to get over herself real quick - 15 minutes of fame is about all she's worth - she seems very negative all the time (ok, except for when she was WINNING in Vegas and was too pre-occupied to get to Charo's show on time).......

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireStorm
    I, too, liked her in the beginning, but I'm done. She's just not likeable. She has a way about her that comes off rude. She may not intend to be rude all the time, but that's exactly how she comes off. Doesn't she even realize the reason she was put on this show? Look around Ryan, you're living with CHARO and JORDAN KNIGHT for christ's sake! You're a Hollywood has-been that never was! Get over yourself.

    I agree with Krispy Kreme, she's not that cute either. She's what Howard Stern refers to as a "butterface". Everything looks good but her face.

    I agree Firestorm..what a friggin' baby. Just go with the flow Ryan,noone cares that you sing rock..believe me.

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    One thing in particular that struck me about Ryan whining about the song Jordan (and no, I don't care for him, either) and Flav came up with was that it was a pop song, and she didn't sing pop.

    Funny, but I seem to recall that when she was on AI, one MAJOR complaint the judges --- Simon, in particular, of course --- had about her was that she didn't have ONE RECOGNIZABLE STYLE OF SINGING. She sang anything and everything every time she came to bat.

    So now, since she's on Surreal Life, we're supposed to buy into her being a singer who will only sing POP and nothing else because to do so would compromise her immaculate professional identity and make her a "sellout"?


    Well, I'M turnin' on MY bitch switch:

    Ryan has now sunk even lower than Jordan in my book.

    And THAT, my friends, is pretty damned low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ness

    Well, I'M turnin' on MY bitch switch:
    Lol, I need to get one of those.

    You know Ryan, just because you change your name to Starr does not mean you're one.

    So who is worse Ryan or Trace Bigham from last season?

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    Ryan gets the "Most Obnoxious" award - hands down - what a drip she is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bof_Cof
    So who is worse Ryan or Trace Bigham from last season?
    UGH! Tracie has got to be the worst ever (even worse than Corey Feldman).

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    I felt like Tracie was just playing the part of "The Bitch" but Ryan seems to really and truly BE "a bitch". Hopefully it's just massive immaturity and she'll grow out of it, but given the path she's taking so far, she's in for a major dose of reality. She acts like such a prima dona. I wanna shake her and yell at her "You. Are. N-O-B-O-D-Y! Get over yourself! Be grateful for what you have and what you've been given! Your voice is a dime a dozen! No one will remember you a year from now!"

    Whew! That was nasty. Sorry 'bout that. But for what it's worth, I feel much better.

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