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Thread: The Cast: Ryan Starr

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I still think she's gorgeous, and I remember her not just from the first AI, but from back when she worked at a clothing store in LA. Anyway, I hope she gets more of a chance to "shine" on future episodes, because I fear she could just get lost in the sea of absurdity. She strikes me as the most "normal" character on the show, the only person I might be able to relate to--because, no, I don't usually roll around naked with my pet dog.
    Snowie Doodle..I'm so jealous..you know all the stars!

    What's wrong with rolling around naked with your dog by the way


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    Ryan Starr is not cool

    This girl is not cool. Why is she on this show, sucking the life out of it. Her career is officially over.

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    She seems cool but still has some issues she needs to tackle with....

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    Was she this conceited on AI? At least the rest of the cast can say they're has beens, she's a never was.

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    Why is she crying that it is American Idol all over again? She's the one that went on the show, and now she's embarrassed by it? She needs to get over herself, she is not an accomplished singer, much less a rock singer.

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    I think she means that they may have made her sing songs from genres she isn't fond of.
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    She seems like a normal person, so she doesn't really fit into the Surreal Life very well in my opinion. If there were six Ryan Starr-like-personalities on the show, NO ONE would be watching.

    I think she's a beautiful girl, but why, WHY does she keep saying "Whut up dog?" That type of slang doesn't fit her at all.

    It seems like she aiming a double-barreled shotgun at any male that comes close to her.

    She really, REALLY needs to loosen up!

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    It does seem she has serious issues she needs to overcome, doesn't it? She seems a little too uncomfortable around the guys. I don't really care too much for her, she's just there. I wish they would have picked someone more interesting. I guess that's why there's Flav.
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    This girl has issues.

    And she's a poser

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    Wow, no love for Ryan. She may have issues, but my take on it is that she's probably been putting up with come-ons from old men (yeah, like you Jordan) since she was 12 years old. Might have soured her on men a little. I get the feeling that you have to earn your time with Ryan, and I respect that. She doesn't giggle and tee-hee at every little thing that comes out of a man's mouth.

    Yo Ryan, stay strong dawg. You my girl. Yeah, Misssile, it doesn't work for me either.

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