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Thread: The Cast: Brigitte Nielsen

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    I was just getting warped images seeing her....
    She awesome sober but when she starts drinking....
    And when I see her getting her freak on w/ Flav I am screaming at the tv "get a room you two"

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    Official winners of the "Ickiest Hook-Up award."

    Yes....I very much agree. I was physically sickened seeing them both kissing on eachother. They are just too different and unappealing. Flav is just scruffy and creepy. Brigette is a complete mess. Thank GOD for TIVO. I had to FF through the kissy scenes, especially in the pool. I was really getting sick.

    If Sylvester sees this, he will surely be humiliated. Even if it's his EX-wife. When I heard she was going to be on the show I imagined she would probably be sophisticated, domineering, bitchy and sexy. Instead, she is a staggering, attention-starved, inappropriate, embarrassing, sloppy, drunkard. Seeing just the first two shows have completely shattered any admiration I may have once had for her. She uses "I'm European" as a constant excuse for her tasteless behavior.

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    I love this chick she is a crazy Beeyotch!

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    I don't even remember Brigitte Nielsen from when she was famous. Maybe I'm too young. But, I do love it when Charo calls her a 'crazy beetch'! Her flabby butt and boobs make me want to start saving money now for liposuction when I'm her age . . . just in case.

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    Ew, geez, how many guys is this "crazy beetch" going to hook up with? Three guys in five episodes? Is that right? I'm sure if Ryan would have let her (in a room they did NOT deserve) then she would have done it with Enrique right next to Ryan on the bed. Yuck!
    Ludicrous speed!

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    How does one spell TRAMP?

    B - R - I - G - I - T - E * N - I - E - L - S - E - N!
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    She is so trashy & has no couth whatsoever.
    Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

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    Strange Brew
    There was a brief interview in Entertainment Weekly last week with Dave and Jordan and both said that Brig and Flav called them from a hotel room a few days after the show finished. I guess they waited until they got away from their cameras to "finish the job" so to speak.

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    This week's Entertainment Weekly states that Brigitte got engaged to a bartender. Somewhere, Flava Flav is clutching his clock and weeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllenMishke
    Somewhere, Flava Flav is clutching his clock and weeping.
    That's funny!
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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