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Thread: The Cast: Flavor Flav

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    Okay, back to the Flav--I thought he was hilarious. I love his delayed reactions to everybody; the way he had no clue who anyone was when they first arrived at the house, and then slowly their identities would dawn on him and he'd be so delighted that it was one of the New Kids ("you one of the old kids now, OG") or the broad from "The Love Boat".

    I am, however, disturbed by his sado-masochistic, love-hate relationship with Brigitte Nielson. What is up with that?

    Public Enemy's music ROCKED, by the way. That is all.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Flavor is funny. Also, I love how Charo names the dog "Cuchi." I cannot believe that.
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    When I was a kid Chuchi meant a girls vagina. Maybe we were wrong. :rolleyes I like Flava, he's a nice guy, just overbearing at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvcure1
    When I was a kid Chuchi meant a girls vagina. Maybe we were wrong. :rolleyes I like Flava, he's a nice guy, just overbearing at times.
    We call it a "cootchie" or a "cootch" too, or sometimes a "cookie"

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    A. Public Enemies core fan base was predominantly white, esp. overseas.

    B. They did have some militant brothers on their team though (Professor Griff) who actually got kicked out of the group, and then the group disbanded (I would LOVE to see Bands Reunited: Public Enemy!! Not a chance!)

    C. Professor Griff had beef w/ Flavor Flav too for his over-the-top, loud behavior so that ain't nothing new. He annoys a lotta black folk too (just in case the thought crossed your mind to ask).

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    I loved Public Enemy back in the late 80's.

    A friend of mine is a cop in Brooklyn, NY and he arrested Flavor Flav once. He said that wjhen he was brought in to the holding cell all the skells that were in there were treating him like royalty, giving him all their cigarettes and such.
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    Flava's being Falv but somehow sometime ya gotta grow up.....
    When ur in ur 40's trying to ac like ur in ur 20's.....I dunno....

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    I agree. The giant clock he wears around his neck and that ridiculous vikings hat he wears have to go. Oh, and the gold teeth. They are hideous.

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    I'm sorry but Flav is disgusting. He reminds me of a skinny Fred Sanford. Leaner than a junkyard dog.

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    I am loving Flav!!!! I think he makes the show. Go Flav!!!!!!!!!

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