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Thread: The Cast: Charo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xantham Gum
    She is still amazingly hot for a woman who was born the same year the Japanese attached Pearl Harbor.
    Attached it to what?
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    Xantham Gum
    I meant that she was there when the tectonic plates of the continents were still forming.

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    I compare Charo to Shangri-La, it looks like this lady still get her pep and does not make any mistake about it. I was turned off by the bossiness she had the tendecy of exhibiting and often I wonder what planet is she on when she goes off talking about something.

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    Try being named Lola, after her character on the Love Boat.

    Thanks Dad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpricanprynces
    Try being named Lola, after her character on the Love Boat.

    Thanks Dad!

    I have to say I am really blown away that she is 63. When I was really little, I had seen her a few times on Johnny Carson. She would always do the coochie coochie thing and Johnny loved it.

    I don't think I've ever seen any other 60+ year olds that have a figure like that, and such nice skin. Her face is starting to show it's age, but her body is still fantastic for her age.

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    I really enjoyed seeing her play the guitar on the 9/26 show (they were in San Diego).

    The lady can barely mouth an understandable word of English . . .

    But BOY did she make that guitar walk and talk!

    She's very, very talented, and I totally enjoyed the snips they showed of her act.

    Now I'm looking for one of her CDs.
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