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Thread: The Surreal Life 9/05 - Third Time's A Charm

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    I caught the premiere by mistake and it had me laughing out loud a lot more than I ever thought possible with this show. Especially Brigitte, Flavor and Charo.

    My favorite line of the episode, from when Flavor wanted to share Charo's bed.

    Charo: "Espooning leads to forking."

    And watching Brigitte push Flavor around was too funny.

    Surprisingly, I'm going to be tuning in to see where this goes.

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    Funny stuff, Sher! Thanks for the great read! I actually found myself enjoying the premiere in spite of myself, though your recap is eminently more entertaining. I'm still undecided as to whether I'll watch the rest of the episodes, but regardless I am looking forward to the upcoming season of your recaps.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by odovacar1
    Charo: "Espooning leads to forking."

    Is that what she said? Thank you because I was baffled...going, "what the heck did she...?"

    I loved Charo's outfit by the way and the hair just complemented it! She looks like Barbie on crack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    Brig is enormous as ever. Absolutely the tallest woman on the planet. She is wearing a tight black bustier and leggings. Her hair is still short and bleached platinum blonde. She epitomizes big ole’ skanky ho

    However, what I personally remember Dave for is the song Alanis Morrisette wrote in his honor after a bad breakup, “You Oughta Know.” Remember, in the song she asked if his new girlfriend would go down on him in a theater? And she called him “Mr. Duplicity?” and wanted to know if Dave was thinking of her when he err… well, you know… was doing his new girlfriend? All I know is if a man can inspire that much anger, he must have been great in bed.
    Great stuff Sher! You rock.
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