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Thread: The Surreal Life 3 Cast Announced

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    The Surreal Life 3 Cast Announced

    The State:

    Surreal Life’ boasts new kids in the house

    The next season of “The Surreal Life” will have both the Flavor and a little bit of “The Right Stuff.”

    The show, which will migrate from The WB to VH1 in the fall, began filming its third season Tuesday with a new cast of six housemates. They include former New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight and rapper Flavor Flav, who was part of Public Enemy, pretty much the antithesis of the New Kids.

    The housemates also include “American Idol” season one rejectee Ryan Starr; “Red Sonja” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” star Brigitte Nielsen; ex-“Full House” resident Dave Coulier; and Charo, the Spanish actress known for her many “Love Boat” appearances and her “cuchi-cuchi” hip-shaking.

    As VH1 has its roots as a network about music, the cast has a slightly more musical slant this year. Charo, the network says, is an accomplished flamenco guitarist, while Coulier reportedly is the subject of Alanis Morissette’s jilted-lover song “You Oughta Know.”

    Knight, meanwhile, is using “The Surreal Life” as a promotional jumping-off point before heading out on his first solo national tour.

    “The Surreal Life” is scheduled to premiere on VH1 on Sunday, Sept. 5.

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    Thanks, AI!! I CANNOT wait to see this!!! Especially Jordan Knight. I wonder if Dave Coulier is always squeaky clean, but if he is the subject of Alanis' song, he couldn't be, right? Uncle Joey, ha-ha!!

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    Charro and Brigitte Nielson in the same house? This should be really interesting.
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    Don't you think they could have picked a better reality vixen? I mean you go from Jerri, to Trishelle, to Ryan Star!?! Though I liked her, don't you think someone like Omarosa would be better?

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    AI, Omarosa woulda been a riot! I thought Ryan came off pretty nice on her season of Idol, but I heard backstage she wasn't as nice. I'm not even gonna talk about Trishelle cause it's not gonna be good...

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    this show doesn't really get good ratings. its like ex-stars in Real world

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    Charro? EWW.

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    A New Kid, an AI reject and Charo? I've gotta watch this.

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    oh my god...

    At first when I read the cast, I was like, "I can't believe that is the best they can do..?!?!?!" but then after reading what everyone has said, I think you are all right. This could be very interesting and quite a recipe for disaster.....a delicious reality tv disaster!!!! I'm in!

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    I think I am going to pass.

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