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Thread: Boobies, Tears and Andy Dick ~ Episode 4 Recap

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    Hopefully Trishelle is terribly embarrassed as she watches how out of control she is after a few drinks. If she was drunk in a barn, she would be making out with the nearest cow.

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    Fantastic pinch-hit recap Cali!
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    I was starting to think that Cali's secret identity was Quentin Tarantino, with all the "Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick!" But what can I say, I'm loving the Dick, Cali. Wait, that came out wrong...

    Great job recapping a train wreck of a show (that I find strangely, horribly compelling). Thanks, Cali!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    having watched this mellow drama....unfold....it was hard to see the humor for the pathos....the witless banter.....the well weeks with these people we don't really want to know...

    but cali....you found the funny....the true reason for wacthing.....to snark those who we don't want to see turning up on TV in a vain effort to revamp there all but dead careers.....

    Great re-cap........

    (did I by chance insult andy dick....? )

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    Mama Harold
    Cali, you know from other forums that I ADORE your recaps and you certainly didn't let me down here. Many heartfelt thanks to you and Sher for allowing me to enjoy the circus without having to endure the agony of actually WATCHING!

    I love you guys!

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    Thanks for all the kind words guys. It really is nice to get feedback

    I find it really fun to write when "B" list celebs are on, as I don't feel bad in the least for making fun of them.

    Is that wrong?
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    Thanks for the great CaliCap.

    This week starts with Traci telling us that The Surreal Life is a comedy show (thanks Traci) and they should take it on the road (perhaps the freeway at rush hour).

    I have a feeling they edited out the 3 hours of prayer and 20 minutes of Listerining.

    This leads me to believe that Playboy and Ecstasy are not scrambled at Casa de Tammy. Hmmmmmm. Interesting.

    She went from being Mrs. Cleavage to being Mrs. Cleaver.

    Dick is not happy. Dick goes home to play with Dick.

    The two are suddenly in the kitchen with Ron. I don’t know how… I guess they beamed there. Eric gives Ron and Ice a Spanish lesson. Now if the two find themselves in a Spanish Speaking country they will be able to order Rice with Chicken. They won’t be able to order beer: “Cervesa, por favor” or find a bathroom: “Donde esta el bano?”, but dammit, they won’t go hungry!

    Cali, I've missed your fun recaps - can't wait for the next TAR to start.

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