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Thread: Of the roomates, who would you like to live with the MOST

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    I think Tammy would be fun to live with.. for a little while lol

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    Tammy Faye would be fun for me to room with. I like quiet time and that seems to be in short supply there. She and I could sneak off and find a place to read and just talk if we wanted to, or not. Also I have known a litttle about her for years, so I would feel like I was with a friend.

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    I usually don't watch the show. I caught some of it yesterday and the girls were drinking, one or both were trying to pull down Ron's shorts, Vanilla Ice looked annoyed in the preview for the next show. It seems to be the same show over and over again. I guess I would choose either Tammy or Eric to room with for a very limited amount of time.

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