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Thread: Garry Coleman On the Surreal Life

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    Where is Gary Coleman on 02/12/04 Show ?

    On the show that aired 02/12/04 Gary Coleman was not seen. Did he quit the show?

    And I didn't like the vegitarian girl. She need to stop pushing her life style on onter people. Just cause she don't eat me don't mean she should judge others who do.

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    Gary is not "on" the show. He was guest-starring on the 2/5 episode only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SassyMe007
    To me it looked like Gary had an attitude from the moment he stepped onto the show. I don't think I would have been able to handle him very well. I can understand why he was upset with Rob's actions, I just don't get why he was so rude to the other members of the house as well.
    I agree 100%.Except that this was all for charity as Gary kept spouting and here was Eric shown cleaning toilets, Tammy taking orders,and the others picking up dirty dishes and Gary could not say 4 words to make people happy for charity? It pretty much confirmed hes not a likable person as the papers report. In the end I found I liked and respected all of them for doing their part-except for Trishell-I still have no idea why she was on this show she is not a celebrity but saddly needs help.

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