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Thread: Episode 1: 01/11

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    Quote Originally Posted by karna68
    She was definitely a slut on the Real World.
    Yep. I watched about 4 or 5 episodes of the RW: Las Vegas, and she was a bigtime ho. She even had unprotected sex with one of her roommates during the show.

    I think these Surreal Lifers are weirder than the previous ones with the exception of Erik and Tammy.

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    What a strange little show this is...I am starting to enjoy it...in a I am so glad I don't know these people sorta way.....

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    I think that in the later episodes, Traci will redeem herself and this will be the reason why on the previews the show Trish packing to leave. I think that the guys in the house will be going after Traci more than Trish and this will make her very angry. Now that will be good tv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro
    OK I'm only halfway through the episode, but my favorite laugh-out loud moment so far:

    Tammy Faye: I own the organ that belonged to Frank Sintra
    Ron Jeremey: I own the organ that's been in a thousand movies.
    Tammy Faye: -----> -----> ----->
    love it love it love it!!!

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