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Thread: Tammy Faye Messner

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    She reallllllllllllly needs to stop wearing the shoulder pads in EVERY top she wears.

    Shoulder pads= NoNO!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    So you think she didn't have a clue where the millions were coming from? If my gf suddenly made our checking account the most popular at our bank, I'd take notice and ask some questions.
    Good Point

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    I wasn't sure how I'd react to Tammy Faye when I heard she'd be on this show, thinking after the PTL scandal and such that she wasn't all that she might be cracked up to be. I'm also not big on in your face preaching, "you're going to hell if you don't believe in the same thing I do" stuff, which I had kind of thought her to be....but after these past few episodes, especially this recent one (the 8th) with her book signing...Wow!

    She's pretty cool.......I'm tempted to go out and buy her book just to see what it says, because her little speech at the book store was great. I never thought I'd say it, but I think I may be a fan of Tammy Faye....

    As for the make-up, It is scary....but I loved the comment she made about the Cross Dressers dressed up like her...something about they look better as her than she does, because they apply their make-up more skillfully....

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    I will have to agree with you. I thought Tammy wouldn't be much fun on this show. She really surprised me. I have so much respect for this woman now. I hate that she had to be there during the pool party, but it seems that everyone pretty much stayed clothed until Tracey yelled the whole "clothes optional" comment. Tammy is a great lady in my book!!!

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    I agree, she is awesome... and I NEVER thought I'd say that about her! Traci is a witch.
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    I love her speech at the book signing. I also feel into the misconception that she would be a "preachy Christian woman." But, she comes across as a fun, warm, and loving person. Although she has her morals, she is also incredibly accepting of others and doesn't easily judge people.

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    I saw Tammy Faye in an interview on 60 Minutes years ago and I was quite surprised at how level-headed and down-to-earth she was.

    My two favorite cast members are Eric and Tammy. I can't relate to the others.

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    Tammy Fay is the light faith.

    The only reason I watch The Surreal World is to see Tammy Fay. Her faith in God is so strong that it is an real inspiration to see. I'm glad to see she is not selling out or compromising her faith just to be popular on TV. She could have been the odd ball of the group but she is turning out to be the only one that has their act together.

    Where's Gary Coleman?

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