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Thread: About the Show

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    About the Show

    Once they were superstars. Now, six bigger-than-life celebrities from every genre of the entertainment industry are back in the spotlight as they share a home and a series of outrageous and life-changing events for ten days and nights that can only be described as surreal.

    The cast takes several "field trips" during production including a revealing visit to a nudist colony; Tammy Faye's book signing; waiting tables at a legendary Sunset Strip greasy spoon as well as Ron Jeremy's pool party. Other celebrities like Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Andy Dick, Sally Jesse Raphael and Vince Neil also stop by to join the fun.

    The Stars:

    Tammy Faye Messner
    The make-up, the tears, the drama, the Lord - she is so full of love, it's almost annoying!

    Erik Estrada
    Even with the paunch, he's still Ponch!

    Ron Jeremy
    They call him the "Hedgehog." Starring in over 1,700 adult movies, he brings an extra large package of personality. Will Tammy's faith be tested?

    Rob Van Winkle a.k.a. "Vanilla Ice"
    MC Hammer's nemesis moves into his old room. Will he make trouble, or play Nice, Nice Baby?

    Traci Bingham
    Sometimes called a "Black Barbie Doll," after Baywatch, she's been on a hubby hunt - Hubba Hubba!

    This small town girl made a splash in the Real World Vegas hot tub. Are the celebrity men in the house safe - and if so, what about the cameramen?

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    I love the first four choices, but the last two women I have never heard of. Too bad they couldn't be more famous/weird/has-been.

    Was the first Surreal Life only 10 days? That doesn't seem like very long.

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    Yeah i never even heard or seen Serreal Life 1.
    What do they basically do? Do they have tasks to do or something?

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    What's the point of this show? I didn't understand the first one. And, why does the WB wants us to see old, used up stars?

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    I watched the first season and I never did really understand the point behind it. Was funny to watch though.

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    there is no point to the show. these celebs spend 10 days and nights sharing a house and having there lives taped so we, the viewers, can bag on them a bit.

    i'm going to miss vince neil this season, though i hear he's making an appearance.

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    I'll miss Jerri
    Oh well hopefully she is on Survivor All Star!

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