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Thread: 1/12 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS****

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    Re: 1/12 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS****

    I've not watched the whole show this week. Were there any eliminations?

    I just quickly fast-forwarded to see the Irish dance. Was the same couple doing another LOTD dance. Guess since Michael Flatley is on stage, that is all we will be seeing.

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    Re: 1/12 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS****

    Yeah the Australian Contemporary Guy was eliminated. They only had 4 soloists perform, top 3 (of the eight move on). He was last place so he has no chance of making it. Kinda shocking seeing as he was ranked first of the 16 soloists. The Russian girl was 1st, US popper 2nd, and the India girl 3rd.

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    Re: 1/12 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS****

    The Chinese judge irritates me. In what culture or religion does it dictate not to smile? NONE! This is an entertainment show. Have some fun and look pleased at the dance you just gave and 8 or 9. No 10's from this guy is in the works, that I know. He only adds to the difficulties I already have with the Chinese culture. And his dancers are not good either.

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