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Thread: Recap 06/07/04 - Jojo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling

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    Thanks for the post, Pikatsso!

    Quote Originally Posted by PIKATSSO
    Wayner, Wayner, WAAAAAYYYYYYNER…..please, please, PLEASE…you are obviously a very intelligent person and remarkably clever and glib when it comes to writing…please PLEASE tell me that you are not taking one SECOND of this show seriously…
    In my time here I've written recaps for "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii", "The Family", "Last Comic Standing", "Cupid", "The Simple Life", "The Apprentice", and now this "Superstar" recap. I don't think anyone could accuse me of taking any of these shows seriously.

    It is such a totally obvious, highly scripted parody of AI (have you seen even one episode of AI????)
    Honestly? No. Not this season. I think I watched the first two shows the year that Clay and Ruben were on, but that's it. But I will say that if this is a highly scripted show (and I don't doubt that it is), that Tone Loc's writer must not be getting paid by the word.

    Now before Eny gets me banned for defending my honor and the rest of the FORT nails me to one of Paul Varghese’s Daddy’s crosses, please understand that I think you are arguably the best writer I have read on the FORT, and though I am a Newbie to posting, I read all of your recaps (and many of your posts) of LCS1 last year and was duly impressed and amused. And I owe you big time for turning me on to Brian Regan, whose humor sent my endorphins into overdrive.
    Thanks for the compliment! However, I think rather than worry about being banned for defening your honor, you would worry that people with question your taste in writing! Personally, I think there are far more talented writers on this site than me. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a member of the Blue Group. Not only are they a talented lot, but they're genuinely good people. As for Regan, I can't take credit for that; during an interview for LCS, Ralphie May was kind enough to suggest I check him out.

    Admittedly I read each word of your SuperStar recap, eager for the moment you would call the WB’s bluff and expose the whole shenanigan to the FORT world (a moment which, sadly, never came), yet I still found your recount of the show to be devilishly clever and found myself laughing out loud at regular intervals.
    Imagine how Woodward and Berstein would have felt if they'd gone on vacation for a week, only to come back and find out that Joe Reporter had blown the lid off the Watergate scandal. I'm sure their reaction would pale in comparison to the justifiable outrage the lovely and talented Stargazer would have felt if she had returned from vacation to discover that I'd exposed the WB's Great Reality Scam while she was suffering through the horror that is "It's a Small World."

    Thanks again for the kind words, and I'm glad you found the recap entertaining. Personally, I'm looking forward to reading Stargazers recap of the finale so I can find out how this thing turned out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner

    Thanks for the compliment! However, I think rather than worry about being banned for defening your honor, you would worry that people with question your taste in writing! Personally, I think there are far more talented writers on this site than me.

    Thank you so much for responding in the good-natured tenor my comments were intended, Wayner...Your entire response had me People here question my sense of humor and my very opinionated opinions, but I sincerely doubt they will question my taste in writing for enjoying YOUR posts...

    At any rate, I sure hope you were able to catch last night's finale. I guess even if Jamie and Mario really did think they were singing well (and I personally believe that in "real life" Jamie, like many of the previously eliminated contestants who actually have pre-WB Super Star web sites and record deals, actually has quite a good singing voice, and I am amazed that she was able to sound as bad as she did--but then again, when you look as sweet and innocent and wholesome as Jamie, you really only need a mouth and tongue--speech/voice is optional!), is it humanly possible that neither one of them noticed that their duet partner was apparently parented by a band of banshees?

    And the exaggerated, VERY PREGNANT pauses for dramatic effect and tension buildup, as well as the redundant "find out..." teases, were right in line with AI's promotional cajoling.

    Now I guess people WILL question my taste in entertainment, as I found WB Super Star USA to be one of the most brilliantly written, amusing, tongue-in-cheek parodies ever to be aired (second perhaps only to SCTV's Schmenge's Miss Lutonia pageant).

    Again I thank you for flattering me with your good-natured response. And I mean it when I say you are certainly a notch above "Joe Reporter." Just kidding, Wayner...you seriously are heads and shoulders above the average Joe, and Woodward and Bernstein, I'm sure, would have relished your recaps of the Nixon tapes, as would I!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    Truth be told, I’d have recapped an Anna Nicole Smith show this week if they’d asked me.

    The man is no Ryan Seacrest. And as far as I’m concerned, Seacrest is just above that woman that said “One of you will be leaving Paradise…forever in the pantheon of Reality TV hosts.

    Not liking cruel jokes and taking the time to watch “Superstar” is like going to Starbucks when you hate coffee. It’s like being a vegetarian and going to an all you can eat buffet called “Meat, Meat, Meat.”

    I have to be honest with you; while I’m familiar with the last two, the first one could be the illegitimate love child of R2-D2 and C-3PO for all I know.

    From all accounts, hearing Jojo sing is painful enough on its own; the added discomfort associating with passing a large, flying, plastic disk just seems redundant.

    Much like rocks give the Rocky Mountains a certain rockiness.

    A Wardrobe Malfunction Specialist is on hand, sewing up a bit of her top and reinforcing it to keep the FCC happy.

    Yes, I said Bobo. Like the clown.

    Not-So-Super Mario

    Ferraris and Cheetos

    Corky Lives

    I must be out of touch, because I was under the impression that “wholesome” and “Britney” parted ways a long, long time ago.

    Well, let me just say Jojo Dancer, your life is calling. And it’s pissed.

    A Sound That Would Have Killed Spock
    You are da man!! Hilarious!! Brilliant!! *sigh, wipes away tear* You always have me laughing in every paragraph. Just so witty and entertaining every step of the way.

    That was gold, and well worth the wait! My favorite line ever was the frisbee line!! Fantastic!!
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