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Thread: Disclaimer At End Of Show???

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    Disclaimer At End Of Show???

    Has anyone been quick enough and been able to read the message on the black screen after all the credits have finished? I'm really curious to find out what it says. Someone please post it?

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    Verbatim - thanks to the wonder that is Tivo

    [First screen]
    Portions of this program not affecting the outcome, such as the audition chronology and panelist comments/reactions may have been edited.

    Any comments made by panel members regarding their affiliation with any celebrity not appearing in the program were fictitious and were made for entertainment purposes only.

    [Second screen]
    The producers of the WB's Superstar USA held a singing contest in Las Vegas, Orlanda, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. Contestants were judged by the producers on performance, attitude and style. Final decisions regarding contest winners were made by the producers. The contest winners received a trip to Los Angeles and the opportunity to appear on this show.

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