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Thread: 5/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Yay!! My 2 favorites Rosa and Jamie made it in the top 4!! Go Divas Go!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gothicvamp
    You all do know that Nina Diva is a REAL singer faking inability don't you? See her website at: (they think I'm spamming and won't let me tell you)ninadiva d o t you'll have to figure it out. She knows what's going on- I'm curious how she conned the show into getting her in.
    But does ANYBODY know what Tone Loc said to her before she was kicked off the show? Am I the only one that noticed that 'star' covering her crotch when she did that last dance kick? Come ON! And that expression on Loc's face when he saw her flash her crotch?!? You KNOW she wasn't wearing underwear! That was the only edit of a judge's comments in the whole episode! What did he say?!? Hey, anyone finds out, email me at - they won't let me tell you my address either... what a drag. but I'm gothic_vamp a t iwon if you can figure out the rest. Thanks!
    i still dont get what you are trying to say your website is. and yes there is speculation going around about Nina Diva being and undercover spy.

    By looking at the WB website they only have makeovers for the final 4, I guess they really didn't care if it was a secret. http://www.thewb.com/Shows/GenericSh...169159,00.html
    yeah they have seemed to have already showed us the final four.

    man Nina Diva was my number 1 girl.
    But i guess Mario is going to take this competition by storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets
    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Nina Diva's gone

    I never heard the song she sang before... but it's pretty catchy... O_O

    Consider yourself lucky, it's really pretty awful. It's by Tina Turner. http://www.lyricsdir.com/t/tina-turn...hunderdome.php

    It was pretty funny funny/good choice though, not really your typical Greatest Hits of Karaoke fare.
    All we waaaaaaaaaant is liiiife beyond the thunderdome!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    I'm sick of Jamie too. I got all of the eliminations right, but I couldn't decide if Jamie or Nina would be eliminated.

    It def. should have been Nina instead of Jamie.

    Also, loved how when Nina talked about her gold mine, they showed a clip of them starring out her 'goodies'. :p
    They also starred Jojo's 'goodies' when he was singing and jumping up and down on his bed with just a towel on. That was funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boredouttamind
    So far, I think...

    Mario, Jamie, Rosa, Jojo - but Mario may be Nina Diva...
    I think it should have been Mario, Jamie, Rosa, & Frank. But Frank is gone. Omar did a poorer job of singing (didn't hit a single note from beginning to end) but he didn't have the dorky moves and the confidence so they picked Jojo. As expected, JohnMichael, Tamara, & NinaDiva would peform better than the rest and was cut. Jamie actually was not so bad last week but instead of improving she took a nosedive this week...I didn't think she would make the final four until I heard her sing tonight. My final two is still intact..Mario & Rosa. I picked Mario for having the dorkiest look and moves and I pick Rosa for having the worst voice and singing ability. Actually it was them that I briefly saw in the preview to be the final 2.

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    i preddicted 3 out of 4 correctly. or the ones i wanted:
    in order of favourites as of before the cut down to four.
    Nina Diva, Mario, Rosa, Jojo.
    i simply knew Jojo was a great contender, and they seemed to give some really easy spoilers. In one preview you hear jojo on stage going "oh oh oh oh oh" as he is bouncing with some dancers. AND you see him like nervous behind the star logo.You see Mario on the floor doing who knows what. and Rosa doing whatever
    and i saw these before the cut. it's just kind of annoying that i get spoiled without looking on the forums or asking people on the east side. i want to be shocked man

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    Yes! My girl Rosa is still in this! I missed the episode. *sigh* I am also surprised to hear that Nina Diva wasn't kept in over Jamie...I do think they only keep that girl in because she looks somewhat decent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyj
    Yes! My girl Rosa is still in this! I missed the episode. *sigh* I am also surprised to hear that Nina Diva wasn't kept in over Jamie...I do think they only keep that girl in because she looks somewhat decent.
    Well it makes for a great finale showdown : Rosa vs Jamie jello wrestling while singing Pat Benatar's "Hit me with your best shot". Go Divas Go!!
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    Anyone know if these contestants were sequestered during the filming of the show?

    This is probably digging in deeper than this show deserves, but I was just curious since they are bringing in the mock fanbases next week. If the contestants were under the impression that the show was being taped for future airing (which is what I thought), then how could they have fanbases already? This prank has become so elaborate that I can hardly believe that not one of these singers has gotten suspicious yet.

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    Great questions. I have noticed they're referring to certain contestants as "fan favorites" and such on the elimination scenes. It is my understanding that the live audience was a group of people who was paid to be there anyway.

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