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Thread: Ambiguous sex contestant - male or female?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WomynLee
    This is show where you don't want the winner to be a "Joe Schmo" type of person...very likeable and nice.
    What're you guys talking about? The winner is suppose to win $100000!! Who cares if you're the butt of a joke? You just have a good laugh and go home with your 100 grands!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I liked Ross.

    He and Omar are probably the two people I would least want to win the competition just because of how upset they might be.

    I'm kind of pleased that Ross is gone and hope Omar soon follows.

    I'm surprised that Omar was cut. He did perform pretty bad. I think the judges were looking for someone more outrageous and laughable when they had to sing and dance on stage. Omar, Frank, & Ross seem to be very sincere people who would take the joke too seriously even though they win $100,000. They might have been cut for that reason alone because i think Frank could have at least made the top 8 instead of John-Michael or Tamara who proved to be so bad and nothing out of the ordinary.

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    Wait wait wait... Ross is a GUY!? Woah I'm slow...

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