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Thread: Rosa-Contestant Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    I am rooting for her to win cos she's a wicked wretched singer. Her mangled English gets me going all the time
    Yeah, just watched the 'easyview' Sunday edition of this weeks show. Her trying to do 'Genie In A Bottle'. Oh my god was that hard to listen to. Her "mangled english" came into play during her rendition when she was singing what sounded like (to me anyways) "If chew want to...." over and over while trying to sing "If you want to...."!!
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    Rosa's "Hollywood" gets me going

    Rosa singing 'Hollywood"?? gets me laughing and falling all over the place. She is incredibly silly looking. Rosa if you read this- you would make a good comedian. Consider comedy rather than a singing career- really. I think you have a shot as a comedian singing famous songs.
    Don't let anyone tell you that you can sing. They are only lying to you. You know that by now.

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    Being a comedian.. ha! Didn't think of that, she actually would.

    "Can I get a smaller check? This one is just too big.."..
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    I had a horrible coughing fit when I was working out this morning, because Bootylicious is one of the songs on the CD I was listening to, and all I could think of was "Gotta work dat chelly, work dat chelly".

    Moral of the story: If you can survive drinking water while on the ellipitical trainer and thinking of Rosa's destruction of the song, then you deserve a booty that is licious.

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    On the radio this morning, I heard that after the show immigration took her and sent her back to Mexico. Poor girl, all she was trying to do was make some money to support her family

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    another BS from huh?

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    She would of won, if she could have actually remembered the words

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