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Thread: Mario-Contestant Discussion

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    You're of course free to say whatever you want to say here, within our rules of course. But as far as keeping tabs go, it's fairly common knowledge that people from the networks, including the WB, visit here regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    You're of course free to say whatever you want to say here, within our rules of course. But as far as keeping tabs go, it's fairly common knowledge that people from the networks, including the WB, visit here regularly.
    Oh my.... Really?

    So.... Do you think Vitamin C is visiting this board as well? If yes I'd like to say that I like her song "Special Things".... *hrm*....Okay.....

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    I was rewatching the show, and after Mario sang he was talking to Brian. Brian made a comment regarding what Briggs said about being inappropriate etc. Mario said he wasn't attracted to the dancers at all. Then he said "a little bit".

    Mario, what did you mean by that?

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    Mario, do you know if there will be a reunion show after tonight's finale? I'd reckon it'd be hard to get these people back after the secret was revealed.

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    Mario, you seemed the least delusional contestant out there. Your singing was pretty bad but it seemed more like you didn't care than actually thinking that you were a good singer. At least I hope so. Glad you got 10 grand!
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    Cheers to you Mario for having the best outlook on the whole thing after finding out the truth behind the show. I forget exactly what you said, but I recall that it was sort of a, "perhaps this wasn't what I thought it was, but it was still the experience of a lifetime," type of thing.

    A few years ago, someone gave me a fake lottery ticket. For about ten minutes there, I actually thought I won the lottery. Although it turns out the joke was on me, I still know what it feels like to win the lottery, and it was a pretty darn good feeling for a little while there.

    Obviously, just as I would have preferred to have actually won the lottery, I'm sure you would have preferred to have actually been a rock star, but you got to live the experience for a while, which has some value of its own. Kudos and congrats for making the most of an awkward situation.

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    Ditto Toasty. When I first heard of the show I thought it would be funny, but after watching a couple of episodes and then the finale, I feel bad for the contestants.

    I admit, I laughed at some of the singing and antics, just like some of the AI hopefuls are pretty funny. But it's not funny to lead someone on and get their hopes up just to dash them.

    For what it's worth Mario, you're my favorite out of the bunch. You obviously have alot of heart, and when you found out the joke was on you, you were still able to find the good in the situation.

    Even if you don't have the best singing voice, who says you have to give up music? I can play piano, but I can't sing any better than you! Besides, have you heard Madonna sing without a harmonizer? She can't stay on pitch to save her life.

    I wish you the best of luck...don't give up! Use your 15 minutes of fame!

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Hey Mario! 2nd place and 10K, good for you!

    I was wondering.. when they announced Jamie as the winner, you immediately turned around and walked off while Brian was calling out your name. Were you really pissed off that she won? It came across that you were mad, so I was curious.

    Also, by the sounds of things...the show was actually a blessing for you because you were able to get Mimi flown in from Germany..or you went there. Congrats!
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    Mario: Your cool

    [ I have been reading the messages posted by members and Mario and his girlfriend. Mario- you have a fan here. I have to add that you found yourself a wonderful lady. Hope you have a great life.

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    I was wondering if any will be going to singing lessons, if that's the continued dream then a little help will go a LONG WAY, cause man - some of that was down right painful.

    But I want a makeover! Is $10,000 even SAG minimum? I thought reality show contestants got a daily stipend as well.

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