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Thread: The WB's Superstar USA Recap 5/25/04- "The Eliminations Begin"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    Trust me people; I would crush my brother’s dreams into a fine, bitter powder before I would allow him to go on national TV and sing like some of these kids.

    The more likely scenario is that my TV recognized him from before and decided that a little mutiny was in order.

    In her pre-audition interview, she tells us that her name will be in more places than JLo because she believes she has a better singing voice. I’ll prepare for some rocks being thrown my way, but I have to say she has a point. It’s a toss-up, really.

    She has cleverly donned sunglasses for the occasion in case some errant emotion might try to slip through unnoticed.

    His performance was so bizarre that I can only assume that he decided to ditch traditional Western ideas of tonality in favor of a newly created atonal style.
    Another great recap Star!! I totally loved the J.Lo slam.

    I can't stop laughing at the judge's comments. This is the shameful reason I'm enjoying this show. I didn't see this episode, though, so I'm DELIGHTED, tickled, and smacked-silly with happiness that you transcribed Brigg's comments!!

    Fantastic recap, Star, I can't wait to see your descriptions next week!!
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    Briggs never fails to produce at least one squirmy moment in me during the show and he has saved that moment for the luckless Tamara as he describes her performance. He says, “You made love to that song. You seduced it over dinner, you massaged it, you let it discreetly into the bedroom, you disrobed it, you laid it upon the bed gently, and you found a rhythm. In the second verse, you choked it a little bit and you need to watch that. But in the morning, you cuddled with it, which was tender, and then you made it breakfast and it was great.

    Briggs looks him straight in the eye and deadpans that John Michael should be less subtle.
    the 2 highlights of the show, aside from jamie's breasts.

    Jamie The sexy Jamie informs us that now that her hair is done and her look is complete, she’s going to be able to “rock this town”. To the delight of the producers, Jamie once again reads the lyrics off her hand. The intriguing part is that she obviously believes that know one is the wiser to her sly maneuver.
    i don't think she's good looking, but i thought they did a great job just having the cameraman focus on everyone's face and then going down to focus on her breasts.

    Tone Loc says that she was off “the chain”. Vitamin C comments that the song was hard and then sets up the ever subtle Briggs by saying, “It’s hard, isn’t it Briggs?” Gazing at the busty Jamie, Briggs confirms that, “Oh yeah, it’s hard,” and says that he’ll see how she will “stack up” at the end of the day.
    like the elimination ceremony, this was a little too predictable for me.

    nice review.

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    fantastic recap Stargazer!
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    Frank deserved to stay in, but at least my boy Mario is still in the running!

    Though his segment with him in bed and the covers moving suspiciously dropped my sanity score by at least several points.

    Sanity Check!
    “Conforming is not cool,” - Adam Lambert

    Which is why you went on American Idol - the biggest mainstream singerbot factory on television -right? Welcome to hypocrisy, Adam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiaT2

    Another Shocking moment - For real, can we please get her a quick cameo? I am seriously dying to see what this girl looks like.
    So you really wanna know how "I" look like eh?

    Here's a picture!

    BTW, Mario is the nicest person I ever met. And Chris Cook. The Penciller of the PPG Comic Books. That's the reason why we read the Powerpuff Girls.

    Okay. Now I have to go. Mario is a little annoyed because it took me so long to find the picture.

    See ya! :rolleyes
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    Just another note, I especially liked when Omar "sang" Whitney Houston's "The Greatest Love of All," (even though I hate Whitney H.), especially the lines "No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity."

    They've already taken it. And run it through a shredder--twice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veggieviewer
    Frank deserved to stay in, but at least my boy Mario is still in the running!

    Though his segment with him in bed and the covers moving suspiciously dropped my sanity score by at least several points.

    Sanity Check!


    Your avatar is so sweet that I wanna eat it!

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    This has got to be one of the cruelest, meanest, dirtiest shows ever put on TV...

    That's why I'm HOOKED. I'm totally rooting for Rosa. She posesses one of the most hideous voices I've ever heard. A vibrato is all right in moderation, when you know how to use it, but a constant one like hers, mingled with her just pure awfulness...makes her the prime candidate for this show.

    The subject of Jamie's breasts amuses me.

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    Frank deserved to stay. I was totally aghast when they first called John Michael to move on. So I thought Tamara or Jamie would be cut instead of Frank. John Michael is loud but at least he can carry some tune and hit a note and his looks is nothing out of the ordinary unlike Frank. I'm not even sure why TAA, Emily, & John-Michael even qualified when there were worst singers than them in the top 28, some even look weirder. These three were not even funny nor entertainingly terrible enough to stay. When I was watching them perform I was not even amused! Jamie performed better than most of the contestants but it seems that in the next episode she will prove even worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    What if we also say that this SAME brother comes home saying that he was one of a dozen people chosen from thousands of hopefuls in a nationwide singing competition.
    If you remember from the episode in which they chose the final 12, the show's reps approached them at home and only let them have 2 or 3 hours to pack before flying to LA. I'm sure part of this was to make sure the finalists wouldn't have time to get talked out of it by their friends who were more in touch with the level of their skills.

    I also suspect that some of the finalists were not the show's first choices. They probably selected up to 30 finalists, and some of the ones we didn't see had friends who told them it had to be a joke, so those finalists bowed out.
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