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Thread: The WB's Superstar USA Recap-5/18/04

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    Great recap Star!

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    Donato Mafia Veggieviewer's Avatar
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    I think there's at least one breakout star(??) in Geek Dancing Machine Mario!

    Now if he had a brother name Luigi i'd be just perfect.

    Muhahaha, this show appeals to my Evil Inner Child.
    “Conforming is not cool,” - Adam Lambert

    Which is why you went on American Idol - the biggest mainstream singerbot factory on television -right? Welcome to hypocrisy, Adam.

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    daydream believer oneTVslave's Avatar
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    Great recap, SG! I'm not watching the show, but will stay caught up via your recaps. You must have been a very bad girl to get stuck having to watch a show like this Okay, I admit it, I watched a few minutes of it. Based on your description, I'm pretty sure it was Frank's audition that I saw. Yikes!

    My favorite quote:
    As Laurie continues to cry and hug the host in her excitement, my own conscience feels a small twinge of compassion. Thinking quickly, I promise it copious amounts of alcohol for the next episode and it settles back down.

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    - Albert Einstein

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    I don't know how they managed not to laugh as Herbert continued with his "you can go with this, you can go with that" over and over and OVER again. I was cracking up about halfway through. Vitamin C actually tried to look like she was interested in each and every addition: "Really, you can go with this? Hmm. How about going with that? I knew it!"

    Anyway, what was up with that balding guy with the huge bump on his head? Does anybody know? It says something when contestants with physical deformities don't even raise on a eyebrow on the show.

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